Songs You Should Hear: renforshort, Hudson Taylor, the UK’s Eurovision entry and more!

Can you believe that, once again, its Monday, and not only that but that there are 10 more new songs for you to listen to? These singers and producers et al simply will not stop churning out bangers for us hook-hungry consumers to, for a brief moment, satiate our insatiable need to have a new unshakable chorus reverberating around our internal speakers for another week. Ten new songs and a few words about each coming right up.

Oh, also, I’m on holiday next week so may or may not be a roundup depending on how I’m feeling about it, so might be a 2-for-1 post in two weeks time instead, tbd.

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Cash Cash + Andy Grammer – I Found You

The thing about pop-rock music with basic hooks, such as that performed and peddled by Andy Grammer, is that when funnelled into a EDM remix by a competent producer. such  Cash Cash, it comes out as an euphoric enormobanger, such as this. You’ve had this limitless formulaic song launched at you a hundred times already, this is just another one that’s sticking to the wall. I’m ready to fast forward to summer now.

For fans of: Mr Probz, Avicii, Martin Garrix


Hudson Taylor – Favourite Song

Folk duo Hudson Taylor have release an album this week which I will be listening to in full once I’ve finished editing this week’s roundup, and on it comes Favourite Song: a really quite nice, singable, dance-to-it-at-a-festival-in-the-forest affair that is annoyingly and delightfully catchy.

For fans of: Vampire Weekend, Lucy Spraggan, Of Monsters and Men


James Newman – My Last Breath

It’s important to say that I actually quite like this song – it’s a decent folk-pop song that’s got some nice tenets present in relevant pop music, like the pause before the Newman sings ‘breath’ in the chorus, and once you’ve played it a couple of times it’s kinda catchy. But what is more important to say is: why are we sending this for Eurovision? I know that we as a country are the real villains for liking quote unquote white soul singers, like Rag N Bone Man, Tom Walker, Tom Grennan, Ed Sheeran and James Newman’s more famous brother John, so maybe we are representing our country in that way, but if you took a quick poll of the people in this country who love – and I mean really *love* – the Eurovision song contest, who actually have some semblance of insight as to what song might actually do well in this thing, then this is not it. And what’s with the obviously-not-filmed-in-the-UK video?

For fans of: John Newman, Rag N Bone Man, Tom Grennan


Jeremy Zucker – not ur friend

This is good if you like acoustic pop songs by moody pop boys.

For fans of: Justin Bieber, AJ Mitchell, Lauv


Keiino – Black Leather

This song is truly chaotic and very very good. I can’t put into word how to describe what Black Leather is all about – it’s part Kids are Coming by Tones and I, part 80s power ballad, part EDM anthem, part alt-pop, there’s just so much to focus on and not enough time to focus on it. My favourite part is the opening line for the hook which goes “You come in here looking like a snack” which is sung with pure honest sincerity, making it by far the best and also worst thing you will hear this week. Truly inspired.

For fans of: Tones and I, Eurovision, Bonnie Tyler, Alphabeat, Kylie Minogue, Chase and Status


Lady Gaga – Stupid Love

The thing about Lady Gaga is that her sound was so era-defining that it’s hard to imagine Stupid Love slotting in neatly to the current top 40. Still, this is her back at her absolute euphoria-dance-banger best.

For fans of: Lady Gaga’s album Born This Way


Loote – This Is How U Feel

Many savvy pop singers have enlisted someone of the opposite gender for a guest spot on one of their singles (see: fuck, I’m lonely, What a Time) but few have gone so far as Loote, which has two (not always utilised) built in lead vocalists in the form of Emma Lov Block and Jackson Foote. They have co-writing credits on Cheat Codes’ No Promises, Zara Larsson’s Ruin My Life, a really very good song featuring Joe Jonas, and four and a half million monthly listeners on Spotify. This Is How U Feel is an excellent sadpop song that sounds like it’s straight off the new Lauv record that’s out on Friday.

For fans of: Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Lauv


Malia Civetz – Broke Boy

If (for some reason) Lizzo and Jess Glynne, or whoever writes Jess Glynn’s songs went into the same writers room having just unconsciously heard Bound 2 by Kanye West, then this would be the product of that get together. It’s pop, it’s soul, there are some good vocal adlibs, and contains the lyrics “take me on a trip with just the tip of his tongue”.

For fans of: Meghan Trainor, Lizzo, Jess Glynne


Martin Garrix – Drown (feat. Clinton Kane)

I can’t shake how much the melody in this reminds me of Kesha’s Raising Hell. It’s a nice little EDM-pop thing with new moody-kid-with-a-boyband-lead-vocal on the block wailing tunefuly about waves and drownings and oceans and the like. Very pleasant and I’ll soon be delving into this EP from Clinton Kane.

For fans of:


renforshort – i drive me mad

Lauren, renforshort, has unloaded her third single and it is a pure pop masterpiece. The slow build in the verses are such a red herring that when that chorus hits it is switch-flipping crescendo-filled chaotic fevre dream I feel like I need to lie down for a few years. My favourite of the week an it’s not even close.

For fans of: Alessia Cara, Billie Eilish, Camila Cabello