Songs You Should Hear: Billie Eilish, McFly, Ziggy Alberts + more

Nothing salient to say this week, so I’ll just get right into it with the best new songs released in the last 7 days – 12 of them this week, including ones from more than a few personal favourites. Hope you find something you enjoy!

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Baby Queen – Online Dating

It seems like I’m saying this every week, but I am so beyond obsessed with Baby Queen and I can’t believe she’s gifted me personally with another new song less than a week after she gave me Want Me which has been rinsed on repeat in this household. Whilst Online Dating is in a similar thematic vein to her previous song about being online™ Internet Religion, it brings down the tempo and delivers something slower but just as attentive to narrative. The chorus opener: “I met a boy on the Internet/now I can make him up inside my head” sits right up there with the top-tier astute lyrics she is becoming more and more recognisable by.

Billie Eilish – Therefore I Am

Billie Eilish is at her best when she’s being either cool or introspective, and Therefore I Am falls firmly into the former camp – and it goes off. A lot like All the Good Girls Go To Hell, it’s just impressive that she does so much with what, on paper, seems like so little – the amount of expression she puts into every single line of her vocal leaves you in absolutely no doubt that whoever this song is about is a narcissistic asshole. The musical equivalent of someone running their hands down your back and then digging in their nails at the half way point.

chloe moriondo – GIRL ON TV

You could argue that there’s a lot of this strain of indie-pop, and you’d be right, but you can tell that moriondo is someone who knows how to use what she’s got. It’s engaged, it’s light, the melody sounds a bit like Rita Ora’s Your Song, she doesn’t push it too hard and yet achieves to much in a short space of time. An oddly-charming song about feeling like life isn’t as good as it should be that will really creep up on you.

glaive – eyesore

I don’t really have much to say about this whiny sad pop song except that I really vibe with it – whatever that means.

McFly – Wild and Young

You have to give it to McFly for sticking around so long and still making the effort to bring out new songs that are halfway decent rather than being one of those yesteryear bands who bang out a bit of 2-star music every other year so they can go on tour and play their old hits. Wild and Young is a cut from their new album and it sounds exactly like something that you’d expect a One Direction B-Sode track to be. Uplifting sunset music for the masses, with a little sprinkling of Springsteen on top.

New Rules – My Guitar

I always think there’s something a bit naff about using the word guitar in a song title, like they were writing and looked around the room and named it after the first thing they saw. Bizarrely, not a huge guitar presence in this song, but it’s quite good understated boyband fodder with one of those hooks that sits just right and blended vocals which make for a good background hit.

Pale Waves – Change

Seeing Pale Waves last year was a reminder that you don’t have to know all the songs to have a class time seeing a band that has cultivated a very specific sound for themselves. Change feeds right into that – a little bit 00s pop rock, a little bit nu-emo, all in all a real good time.

Salaam Remi, Nas + Jennifer Hudson – Yonder

Apart from being incredibly uplifting and reminding me how fuckin good a singer Jennifer Hudson is, what this song really succeeded in doing is making me think about how deliciously vague and underutilised the word Yonder is. A real achievement for music and the English language.

Sandro Cavazza – Shades In The Rain

Normally, cheesy meaningless soul-pop songs like the kind so regularly peddled by, say, JP Cooper, are a huge eyerolling turn off to me, but there’s something about Sandro Cavazza that really gets it in the right place? Maybe I’m softening to this brand of indulgently oversung trash, or maybe there’s just something so-wrong-its-right about the way he repeatedly sings ‘sit on my face’ – whatever it is, it’s really working for him on Shades In The Rain.

Tones And I – Fly Away

The thing that I think is so appealing that Toni Watson does is that Ed Sheeran effect of clumping a bunch of loop peddles together and really getting in there with that repetition – and then topping it with genuinely stunning vocals. The song is in every sense meant to be uplifting, and if you let it, it will be. So, so good.

Wild Youth – Through The Phone

If you were looking to play a game of pop-song lyric-bingo, then this song will give you full house in under 4 minutes: ‘Late Night/Red Wine’ – ✓ ‘I don’t want this to ever end’ – ✓ ‘staying up late under covers’ – ✓ ‘through the phone’ – ✓ ’til the summer’ – ✓ ‘all those nights’ – ✓ ‘just you and i’ – ✓’late nights, long drive’ – ✓ BONUS: huge ‘wo-ah’ in the bridge – ✓ – and the melody isn’t half bad either.

Ziggy Alberts – heartbeat

I ̷r̷e̷a̷l̷l̷y̷ ̷f̷a̷n̷c̷y̷ am big fan of Ziggy Alberts, and I think what really does it is that kind of honest expression he delivers over an acoustic guitar line – the kind of thing that Ed Sheeran did in his earlier days that made people really fall in love with him (Sorry for mentioning Sheeran twice in under 30 seconds but he is the most commercially recognised man of the genre.) The layering of the vocals and the doubled up guitar are so perfectly lined up it’s an easy song to stick on repeat – which is exactly what I’m about to do.

What songs did you like this week?

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