good afternoon

hello and welcome to my blog. it’s not my first and it probably wont be my last but here i am again about to write some words about things that i like.

first and foremost i’m gonna use this to write about music because i wanna get better at writing about stuff i actually like and hey who knows maybe i’ll use it to write about other stuff too.

plan a is i use this to write once a week about new music because those are my favourite kinds of blogs and i’m gonna take it from there

i only have a couple of preliminary editors notes, first is that i’ve made the active decision to write in lowercase because its a bit cool and some poets i like (and some i don’t like) do it and i think it looks nice on page, and second is that i’m gonna stand on the line between taking this seriously and having a fun time.

i hope you like my words and i just want you to know i already hate the name but i’ve been going with puns on my name for so long its too late to stop and also please enjoy the header picture of me from a solo photoshoot i did beside a reservoir.

What songs did you like this week?

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