friday 5 at 5 to 5 #2

i’ve actually been giddy excited all week that some of you kind friends actually took a minute to at least skim my blog a little and i’ve been basically just waiting for friday to come around again because i wanna keep whatever writing momentum i’ve found going. i’m going to (soon) be updating an *official* twitter account for this blog because i don’t want to be that person that spams all the time going “look here i did another thing already for you to indulge me in by reading” because i know i’m going to get carried away. this really is a personal project that you can follow along or not, i’m just excited to be getting excited about music again. i forgot how much the power of repeat exposure to a song can really make you love it because both for you and toxic love from last week have really really grown on me.

i was a bit ambitious in writing about 20 songs last week but i just don’t want to miss out on a good song, y’know? there’s too much out there and i’m really not that time pressed that i can’t carve out a few hours on a friday, so this week i (tentatively) playlisted 34(!!) new releases, mostly by artists i’ve never heard of, which was cut down to 25 after a string of non-starters and songs there really wasn’t enough to say about.

for anyone who cares, i’ve now set up three playlists for listening along: the songs for this week, all the songs from all the weeks for anyone retrospectively looking at my blog that doesn’t want to search each individual song if they’re looking at an older post, and my 2018 playlist of the songs that i think deserve a second, third, and maybe even fourth spin.

the academic – fake id

listening to this song i feel like i’m sixteen again and dancing around in someone’s living room with whatever beer we could steal or convince someone to buy us which i guess is the feeling that a song titled fake id is probably trying to emulate. if this had fallen later in the list of songs i’m about to listen to i feel as though i’d be more inclined to write it off, but it’s upbeat and that friday feeling is telling me that this nostalgia trip is actually kinda good.



611csQr0b1L._SS500.jpg (500×500)

andrelli, hears & colours – yung luv

my initial response to any song whose title is a text-speak misspelling of normal words grates because i’ve rarely met a person that actually texts like that that isn’t over the age of 60 which i’m pretty sure isn’t the demographic of a song that goes “we were only 15 sippping on caffeine”. i was mostly taken in by the album art for this hugely alright, unobjectionable song. it has a potentially hooky chorus but the delivery is too restrained and it never really goes off.



51TsP3nrfxL._SS500.jpg (500×500)

ansel elgort – supernova

i’m sorry fault in our stars baby driver divergent boy is putting out music? am i late to a party? this was way way way off from what i was expecting when i saw his name, but damn there it is. what a nice surprise for a friday afternoon.



the black eyed peas – street livin’

the closest i came to being a peas fan was their boom boom pow and i gotta feelin era, most things from them outside of that i’ve had no interest in. but it’s their first single in 7(!!) years, albeit without fergie so i’ was open to it. i appreciate the song is about systemic racism, and they do have a good history of releasing hits that are a social commentary, but this isn’t close to being on the same level for me as where is the love



51p7VYh5itL._SS500.jpg (500×500)

børns – we don’t care

me in all my musical awareness didn’t realise the recent releases were a build up from børns to their new album blue madonna, and we don’t care was the one my release radar pressed upon me on the day of debut. i don’t know. børns are still on my “bands i have to see live” list but nothing i’ve heard has hit me in the same way as their debut. this was nice but ultimately forgettable. here’s to hoping that’ll change if i ever get around to listening to the album in full.



camila cabello – she loves control

it’s no havana



517GoMFcO2L._SS500.jpg (500×500)

chloe x halle – grown (from grown-ish)

a bit more of a song than the lengthy-but-good bridge they put out last week. i feel like i need to listen to them in the context of a whole ep or album to appreciate it fully. a definitely nice song from what i can only expect will be a quite good album, but as a standalone?



denny white – torn up

sounds like a rejected b-side from a nick jonas single


41CsuDcDEKL._SS500.jpg (500×500)

emily burns – bitch

ok i’m hungry and a little queasy because i think that cold that’s been going around has finally stuck itself in my throat and i’m drifting into a bad mood but inner inner me feels like this has potential. it’s nothing groundbreaking but there is definitely a hook in there.



41K3SuHNQpL._SS500.jpg (500×500)

fall out boy – wilson (expinsive mistakes)

the first fifteen seconds had me thinking i was listening to kids by mgmt. i’ve got a lot of time for the fall out boys because save rock and roll and american beauty/american psycho were big hitters, but this is the first thing i’ve heard from mania that has really grabbed my attention. not immediatly obviously a hit as i know they can be, but a good reminder that they are still a good and viable band 17 years into their career and i’m suddenly excited about the album next week.



51bGePI0sLL._SS500.jpg (500×500)

francis and the lights – morning

songs under 120 seconds can’t (with rare exception) are hard to get into because they’re over before you know it. morning isn’t one of those exceptions, but as an album introduction, which is what it is, it works

SKIP (as a single but go listen to the album if you vibe on it)


51HkHPUBFwL._SS500.jpg (500×500)

hailee steinfeld – capital letters (ft bloodpop)

another lift from the new 50 shades ost. a pale imitation of ariana grande that i can see myself running to. it’s definitely gonna be a grower.



313aU0AKkCL._SS500.jpg (500×500)

the howl & the hum – portrait i

the wait for the drop was excruciating and IT NEVER CAME. what a tease of a track. i got a vibe that felt part the black keys part hurts which i’m not against but the lack of drop delivery was a such a disappointment.



61Vtk7UFOPL._SS500.jpg (500×500)

hudson taylor – run with me

this is the soundtrack to every white indie movie you’ve ever seen which normally is an instaskip but i’ve just got a feeling about this one



510NjYz4H5L._SS500.jpg (500×500)

jack grace – row me home

a overly long interlude track that accidentally got a single release.



51Hl+bBz9YL._SS500.jpg (500×500)

jade bird – lottery

lottery, the latest single of an english born country artist (the most exciting of all genres) fits somewhere in the space between ed sheeran and kate bush in a way that’s not totally repugnant? she was born in 97 and we must forgive those that are yet to find their way for their early missteps. probably one to watch if you’re into that kind of thing.



21zdD+SHNSL._SS500.jpg (500×500)

jay rock – king’s dead (ft kendrick lamar & future & james blake)

anther lift from the upcoming black panther soundtrack curated by the-guy-who-i-can’t-get-into-but-i-respect-because-everyone-else-does kendrick lamar. not my kinda track but i feel like it’s a genre i need/want to grow to appreciate so i’m gonna give it a few more listens



51zqP8hJlzL._SS500.jpg (500×500)

jorja smith & stormzy – let me down

top of the UK nmf playlist and what do we get but an underwhelming sia knockoff?



51EpCurAoOL._SS500.jpg (500×500)

lucy spraggan – drink ’til we go home

she’s doing what she does, the whole folksy singy lucy spraggany thing she’s been doing for the longest time now and i’m separating my personal feelings on this genre of music and telling you yes you to give the a little spin because i know a lot of people who this is for and maybe you are one of them.



51Q2auNIPNL._SS500.jpg (500×500)

nina nesbitt – somebody special

wait this is what nina nesbitt does? i thought she was a guitary female version of ed sheeran? is this what everybody is doing now? are all white female pop artists collectively trying to do the exact same thing? this treads the line between the amped up efforts from our lively sound of 2018 sigrid and the systemic churn-outs from too many artists of 2017, but just enough towards the former that i say: spin it



614BgxfhtTL._SS500.jpg (500×500)

skott – stay off my mind

light and delightful scandinavian pop remnant of jessie ware and i’m vibing for sure. i don’t know how much replay value it has, like, it won’t resonate with me for the rest of my life, but it definitely has play value so play play play! also, that artwork is sincerely on point.



61VgnlQZrNL._SS500.jpg (500×500)

syml – wildfire

do you ever listen to a song simply because it has the same name as a song you already love? well, this is a very different song to both versions of wildfire on john mayer’s paradise valley. i’m not sure if staring into the little tree on the artwork for this songs put me in a mentally thoughtful-in-a-positive-way place or if the song itself did, but affecting is the word that feels appropriate here. go on, go get affected.



51QoLk4bGkL._SS500.jpg (500×500)

ten tonnes – subtle changes (acoustic)

acoustic is usually another way of saying “i want to prove that i can sing so i’m going to put out my same track again from two years ago rather than release new music”, but since i’ve never even heard of ten tonnes before i’m listening to this for what it is: a moody but ultimately quite good acoustic guitar led song that i am going to go ahead and listen to again.



41LXFadIC9L._SS500.jpg (500×500)

troye sivan – my my my!

sivan is one of those youtuber entities that you’re not sure if you should take seriouly. blue neighbourhood showed that he had a little something more than you might expect from the average youtuber-come-recording artist. his new single my my my! isn’t anything new to the current musical climate, but it is a good example of how to get it right. he’ll never be the most impressive vocalist, but the sound of the sivanosphere is not something to be ignored.


41z+i1d1NWL._SS500.jpg (500×500)

vance joy – we’re going home

pure, unadulterated vance joy. i’ve got a soft spot for joy because i feel he’s the kind of artist that was propelled beyond the platform he expected to stand on thanks to one massive song and a t-swift endoresement and ever since he’s been trying to emulate something of an equal level. take away the microscope and we’re going home is a song by a man doing what he loves. i get the impression the third single is the cut he liked most but the label pressed lay it on me and like gold out first (both also good) but we’re going home is the truest vance joy there is.


What songs did you like this week?

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