friday 5 at 5 to 5 #3

is it friday already?! i’ve spent most of this week playing in the absolutely gorgeous snow with my lil pup toffee and listening to sorry not sorry by demi lovato, which i missed first time around, and idgaf by dua lipa which I’m not going to talk about here because it was released last year but it’s got me yearning to see her live again at the hydro in a couple of month. if anyone wants to find me 2 standing tickets that then i would be more than thrilled. also on that note, i’d also be pretty stoked if anyone could get me rita ora tickets for the sold out academy show because i have so much time for where she’s heading right now.
i’m looming into my busy work week this week which basically means i’ll be doing all the work i’ve had for the month over the weekend, which explains why i’m writing the intro to this at the gym in between reps. it also means i’ve not set up a twitter page yet but hey ho. there’s a couple releases i’m really looking forward to listening to when i get home plus the string of songs by artists i’ve never heard of but will end up loving in this weeks new music friday playlist.
in terms of last week the only song that took quickly enough to be of re:note for me was the hailee steinfeld 50 Shades track which i’ve upgraded from a pale ariana grande imitation to a good selena gomez song that’s nice for the gym and bizarrely just came on. i also incidentally watched most of fifty shades darker which i can confirm is hot garbage. there’s just too much new music out there and not enough time if you ask me.
for anyone interested in listening along here are the playlists: the songs for this week, all the songs from all the weeks for anyone retrospectively looking at my blog that doesn’t want to search each individual song if they’re looking at an older post, and my 2018 playlist of the songs that i think deserve a second, third, and maybe even fourth spin.
Lord (It's OK) [feat. Janet Grogan] [Explicit]
1000 beasts – lord (it’s ok) feat. janet grogan
one part sexy, one part stratospheric ballad, janet grogan(?)’s tone on this is absoulutely gorgeous, and i don’t think i’m just being generous in because it’s sunny, snowy and the first new song i’ve heard this week. I do think it could do with a few more backing sounds but i digress, and i know this is too slow for me to run to, but that moment at 2.28 is simply stunning.
I'm Alive
beth ditto – i’m alive
remember the gossip? it’s the main one from that and she’s here to tell you she is alive. i heard a couple of tracks form ditto last year which fell short of sticking with me, but i’m definitely open to her style of music, especially after gigs in scotland said she was for fans of one of my all time favourite bands alabama shakes. i’m definitely getting that soulful, guitar heavy black keys vibe on this track that takes me back to the fantastic season two of fargo. i don’t know that i’m alive completely sells ditto to me, but i’m definitely going to go and check out some of her live performance videos and consider dropping by her show later this year.
Ignore Me
betty who – ignore me
i have a soft spot for australian-based artists ever since i used to glean a lot of new music from the ARIA charts and whilst i can’t quite remember who betty who is or if i like her, i’m glad i put this one in for a spin. her style nothing new or groundbreaking or i guess unexpected in the current musical climate falling among the hailee steinfeld and the like who linger around the charts and i’m definitely still into it.
Heaven's Gate (feat. Lily Allen) [Explicit]
bruna boy – heaven’s gate feat. lily allen
i just want to get it out the way and say that i cannot stomach lily allen. i’ve never got her as a person and i don’t think i ever will, but here’s my leap of good faith. the track falls somewhere close to the big reggae vibe we got a year or so ago, but when allen kicks in her vocals the song is undeniably her and i actually, surprisingly like it? bruna boy is definitely the strongest part of the song but at the same time allen’s vocal breaks it up and gives it a bizarre bollywood vibe towards the end that surprisingly works.
Sick Boy
the chainsmokers – sick boy
are we ready to stop with the chainsmokers yet? as far as i can tell the duo that shot to fame with their frankly terrible #selfie are an absolute mess in terms of artistry. look, this song isn’t bad and maybe the onus is on me for expecting some kind of obvious linearity when it comes to serious and popular artists but this just doesn’t really fit in with what i expect from them. i didn’t hate it, and i’m mad that i’m about to tell you to spin it, and madder that i can tell it’s going to grow on me, but please please boys, figure yourselves out.
vertigo [Explicit]
eden – lost//found
i’m always a little weak when i hear a song that sounds like it’s recorded outside a studio, and everything from the backing noise and the acoustic sound of this song is hitting the mark with me on this. in terms of being an actual viable song it kind of isn’t, almost as if eden just puller out a guitar and off the cuff recorded a song. i don’t think this is worth more than one moody listen but if someone can point me in the direction of someone doing this genre of music well then i will give you a crisp high five.
M A N I A [Explicit]
fall out boy – church
organs and bells in the opening moments and a drop into a solid wall of sound within thirty seconds was more than enough to sell me on this new fall out boy track. honestly, the more i hear the more excited i am to listen to the rest of this album later today. blows my mind that they’re still churning out hits so long into their career.
first aid kit – distant star
first aid kit did that one song that i really liked because a girl i was into liked and when i listened to one of their albums i realised they’re one of those bands that tend to do the same thing relentlessly and i genuinely wonder if they can distinguish their own tracks from one another. distant star is another swing into the same folksy abyss they’ve created.
george ezra – paradise
i’m so excited that ezra finally put on a date his new album. honestly, me and my mum have been waiting for this for so long. don’t matter now was nice but it wore itself out real quick, and i’m beyond thrilled that the moody boy from hertfordshire is continuing to embrace the lighter side of life. paradise is an upbeat, dancy, summery track that i’m going to be playing on repeat for months to come. simply joyous.
hayley kiyoko – curious
ok i cheated a little here because i missed this last week and i’ve actually been listening to curious all week and i wanted to make sure it’s on my list of the biggest songs of 2018 so far. it’s sexy, dancy, upbeat, has a killer hook and everything i need for a good lift track when i’m running. as far as i’m concerned it’s a perfect pop song and you gotta go listen to this right now.
Man of the Woods
justin timberlake – supplies
i’m weary, justin. you’re better than this. just, give us a hit please, it’s not like you don’t have the resources. i’m all for artists stepping out their lane when it works but not this. bring us sexy back.
kylie minogue – dancing
i’m still trying to disassociate minogue from the kylie fanatic i briefly dated in 2016, and i feel like this might finally be the breaking point. adopting country style vocals when you’re not known as a country artist always makes me go hmm, and i can’t help but feel that this would be a little bit better without the countrified EDM production here, but i’m still kind of here for this cheesy sounds dance track.
leo stannard and chiara galizzo – gravity
i added this to the wrong playlist when i was making it for the run through for the blog and honestly i’m too done to write anything else, but this is nice and feels like a film soundtrack song and i like it. nothing groundbreaking. the frances featuring version is also more or less the same and also nice. take your pick.
Give 'n' Take
loop – give ‘n’ take
this could have come from one of a many dancy female artists that stink up the charts, and the aesthetic i’m getting in the artwork is very louisa johnson and the sound is very zara larsson. i didn’t expect much but there’s definitely glimmers of greatness in this song, my personal highlight being the bass guitar breakdown about half way through. i’m adding it to my gym playlist for now.
Fine Line [Explicit]
mabel – fine line feat. not3s
i don’t know much about mabel other than that she’s got a lot of hype, enough as to get her to top the official nmf playlist this week. the song is unobjectionable and reminds me of early rita ora which i can get on board with and i’ll listen out for more, but this just doesn’t get there. i’m still gunning for them to stop phoning  it on a song by taping in a guest verse where the bridge should be, it just feels lazy.
Found You In 06
moss kena – square one
as far as i can tell moss kena is fairly new on the scene with a grand total of six songs on their spotify artists page, so i’m glad they’ve been included in the nmf playlist. i can’t figure out what lane this is going going for, it reminds me immediately of dune by alabama shakes, but when the chorus kicks in it feels almost biblical in terms of sound. definitely into it.
Sign of the Times
post precious – sign of the times
ok so we didn’t need a dance cover of my favourite harry styes song of last year and i only put it on the playlist because i wanted to get mad about it, but what i’ve learned is that sign of the times is an iconic song that can work in any genre. i still watch that final 90 seconds of styles performing it live on graham norton once per week and i’m just so surprisingly here for this chvrches-esque cover.
Egyptian Luvr (feat. Aminé) [Explicit]
rejjie snow – egyptian luvr fet. aminé
when i was putting this playlist together and listening to short clips from the nmf playlist i initially skipped over egyptian lover until another music blog i follow flagged it up and i’m content. a there’s a subtleness to it that i really like, like the lyric where snow is on the verge of laughing and the understated beat that puts me in a very relaxed summer nights vibe that really shouldn’t be hitting the mark considering the sheer mass of snow lying in my front garden.
These Days (feat. Jess Glynne, Macklemore & Dan Caplen)
rudimental – these days feat. jess glynne, macklemore & dan caplen
it’s a little rich to call this a rudimental track considering the first ten seconds are undeniably macklemore through and through, but i’m not mad about it. i have a lot of time for rudimental’s body of work and dan caplen, one of my favourite new voices of 2017, is gorgeous as ever. it’s nice to hear something new from glynne, and my only real complaint is not enough mackelmore. again it’s too much of a summer tune for the time of year and i would’ve liked it when the sun sets at least after 6pm but i digress, a really really lovely track from everyone involved that’s going to be lifting me up a lot this year.
saint phnx – one
i like a track that draws me in with a strong piano intro, and i like a track even more that then progresses into clicks and claps instrument laden, vocally layered anthem. makes me want to rhythmically punch a hole in my ceiling. perfect bridge. glorious.
Aura [feat. J Warner]
sg lewis and j warner – aura
it’s 1am in the club and the music has broken, the last song dies and then… aura. you’re looking into your friends eyes as you stand in a huddle giving each other side on jazz hands as the music builds, waiting for that subtle, beautious drop to arrive. a perfect funky makes-you-want-to-dance number that pulls you all the way through the night.
tom grennan – sober
for some reason, the name tom grennan i always think of as being the ex frontman to some massive band from the early 2000s, but alas, grennan is woefully a year younger than i am and frustratingly more successful. sober is energetic, he has a husky, youthful sounding voice and lyrically it resonates with this alcoholic sex depraved generation occupied by my peers and i. absolutely worth a listen.
tracey thorn – queen
i put this on here because i feel sympathetic to members of once famous bands trying to navigate the landscape of current music. my tip for thorn is maybe cut this undeniably fun 80s sounding dance track by about 45 seconds.
The Good Side
troye sivan – the good side
i’ve not relistened to my my my! yet but i can already tell that the good side is much more my bag. i feel as though i wouldn’t give this much of a look in if it wasn’t by sivan but it is and so i have and i’m on board with this sweet guitar led song that could fit on any alternative indie rom com that bizarrely shoots you into outerspace for the last thirty seconds.
Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life [Explicit]
the wombats  – cheetah tongue
oh man, the bands of my youth that i didn’t listen to the first time around that i thought had died really are trying aren’t they? i can’t get around how much the lead singer soundslike gary barlow and to be honest that makes it almost instantly unlistenable for me. that said, i annoyingly like it as a song though so i’m going to chuck it in the spin pile and try to get over my inner prejudice but honestly, skin of the teeth.

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