friday 5 at 5 to 5 #6

i’ve come to the conclusion that there is just too much good music out there and not enough time to process it all and give it the attention it deserves. i listened to the alicia keys featuring morning light on the overlong man of the woods and nina by anais over fifty times apiece in the last seven days alone, played back to back for hours, and i was caught in such a listening bubble i didn’t know how to listen to other music for days. i also really want to talk about the 2014 lake street dive album bad self portraits which i finally listened to yesterday because it’s making me excited in an alabama shakes kinda way, but i’ll reign myself in.

i don’t have a lot of expectation from the 26 songs i’ve tentatively playlisted for this week, aside from the new james bay song which i’ve heard is a new direction for him, and sam fender’s new track which i cheated and listened to yesterday and SPOILER it’s really damn good. if there’s any tracks i’d re reccommend from last week, it’s morning light, indiana, sweet reality, and shadows.

for anyone interested in listening along here are the playlists: the songs for this week, all the songs from all the weeks for anyone retrospectively looking at my blog that doesn’t want to search each individual song if they’re looking at an older post, and my 2018 playlist of the songs that i think deserve a second, third, and maybe even fourth spin.

Volcanic Love

the aces – volcanic love

twenty seconds in and i know that i’m still not ready for more the 1975-chvrches-pale waves-muna style music which this is. i’m warring internally because i know this is actually quite good and i like the bridge, but it’s too melancholic tinged for such a sunny day.  i don’t think there’s a place for this in my playlists but i’m still gonna say:


Panic Room

au/ra – panic room

moody broody synth pop that i don’t hate but feel like there are far better examples of this genre, though none come to mind. almost sounds like cruel by snakehips ft zayn so i’m kinda on board but not enough.



barns courtney – sinners

i’m getting serious fall out boy circa 2005 nostalgia pangs that i feel ready for today. it thumps, it claps, it builds and the though the chorus leaves a little to be desired at least there is is one. would pay to see live.


Nuh Ready Nuh Ready [Clean]

calvin harris + partynextdoor – nuh ready nuh ready

unless rihanna is featuring i am not interested in what calvin harris has to offer.



eliza – livid

i was thinking about eliza doolittle last week and how much i loved her pack up, skinny jeans and mr medicine era. her second album didn’t really deliver on much and she just kind of disappeared, which i was sad about because her 2011 t in the park set is still in the top 10 ever list of live performances i’ve experienced. well, she’s back and she’s shed her last name and low key dropped livid on this sunny new music friday. it’s nice, a little overlong and i ended up skipping to the end. hoping whatever she drops next is a return to form.


Good Intentions

erica cody – good intentions 

i’m gonna put this in the newish-artist-puts-out-a-single-that-won’t-take-and-there-are-better-songs-to-spend-your-time-listening-to pile. it could be sexier, it could have a bigger chorus, but it’s just fodder and doesn’t hit the marks.


Maraschino-Red Dress $8.99 at Goodwill

ezra furman – maraschino-red dress $8.99 at goodwill

i was compelled by the name of the track mostly to see if it was a song lyric or if it was one of those “lets pick a song name that has nothing to do with the song” kinda deals, but low there is was about three lines in. it’s indie rock as featured in NME in 2006 at it’s okayest and not worth your time.


Saints of the Sinners (feat. Sean Tighe)

the faim – saints of sinners feat. sean tinghe

the faim, whoever they may be, are doing as the likes of all time low, blink 182 and fall out boy did (sorry, i keep referencing them but they’re my bench mark) and carving their way in the pop punk rock scene that i’m sure a new generation will be on board with. i didn’t love this but i’ll keep on the lookout for those one or two good album tracks i know they’ve got in them.



grace carter – silhouette

it kills me when a ballad is well sung and has the all the makings of a beautiful sad song but collapses under the weight of cliché and predictable lyrics. carter’s vocal is strong  enough that i’m going to give this a second run through because i can hear myself belting it out in the shower.



her – neighbourhood

one part of me was asking when this song would end, but the more considered part of me listened to the whole thing and even though it took too long to get where it was going we need to remember that life isn’t always a thing of instant gratification. the song built slowly but it built and built and just when i was expecting a euphoric final act it tapared out instead.


Wild Love

james bay – wild love

so it turns out that all james bay has been doing for the past two years is listen to mind of mine and tried to emulate zayn’s signature sound. where is the clichéd white man with a guitar that i fell in love with? it still in there in occasional glimmers, but if bay had put this out under the guise of another artist i wouldn’t guess in a million years it was him. i’m hesitant to say that i liked it because i’m so startled by his change of direction, but i think I THINK it was good.



jay sean – emergency

a sad and cliché r&b song from the man who brought you down back in two thousand and effing nine. needless.


Fifty Shades Freed (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Explicit]

julia michaels – are you

michaels is someone i wish would keep to song writing because i feel like the landscape is already saturated with female artists of her girlish tone. but she writes them so i guess it’s only fair that she gets to sing them rather than passing them over to selena gomez who i’d much rather hear singing this song. are you is a clicky clappy optomistic fifty shades freed ost song that i’m happy to listen to on this bright and beautiful day.


Friends [Explicit]

marshmello – friends feat. anne-marie

i don’t like anne-marie’s tone, i didn’t like rock-a-bye or ciao adios because of her tone, and i’m happy for her success but this again i’m struggling find myself enjoying friends. there are some truly great, slap in the face lyrics: “f r i e n d s/ that’s how you fucking spell friends/ f r i e n d s/ get that shit inside your head” so i’m gonna play it again with an open mind because i feel like i might just come around to anne-marie yet.


Wish Me Well (feat. Jessie Ware) [Explicit]

mist – wish me well feat. jessie ware

i love jessie ware but this song isn’t for me .



Girls On Fire

nadine coyle – girls on fire

does nadine need money? should we get her a kickstarter? i saw that she’s going on tour and it’s sold as a mix of her solo material and girls aloud classics and it all feels a bit needless. would you pay money to see coyle perform the whole of sound of the underground as a solo? promotional trash.


We Are... [Explicit]

noah cyrus + mø – we are….

i really loved i’m stuck from baby cyrus last year, and i really loved lean on from whenever that was but i have so little time or interest in this. it’s such a done too many times “let’s relate to all young people” song and just let this genre end.



only girl – mountain

i love that english girl tone that creeps into this understated, soulful, i’ve-heard-it-before-but-im-here-for-it track that i know i’m going to be playing on repeat.



rhys lewis – blood stains

lewis is a very auditioned-for-the-voice-with-a-rock-cover-of-a-pop-song-and-made-it-to-the-quarter-finals kinda artist. it’s a genre i don’t think translates as well for a solo artist, especially one with a name as normal as rhys lewis. put him in a band, make him understand how songs are put together, and bring him back to me in three years time. none of this was specific commentary on this very ok track.


Velvet Heart

rothwell – velvet heart

i have a theory that if you listen to any unobjectionable song you can grow to really really love it. velvet heart isn’t anything groundbreaking, the vocals aren’t outstanding and it’s not going to chart commercially but there’s something in there that feels a bit special and i’m hedging my bets.


Friday Fighting

sam fender – friday fighting

fender is your favourite new artist, you just don’t know it yet. his lyrics are intelligent  authentic, and devoid of cliché. don’t let that initial indie-rock alex turner feel confuse you. this is someone you need to be listening to. i was fortunate enough to see him perform this song live last year and i’ve been waiting patiently for it to come through. put your headphones on, click the ‘repeat track’ button and fall into euphoric escapism.



san scout – familiar

three and a half minutes of self indulgent sadness. the kind of song you would listen to as you sit on your bedroom floor and cry quietly to, watching the ugly faces you’re making in your bedroom mirror. an extremely full and understated sounding song all at the same time.


Masseduction [Explicit]

st vincent – consideration (recorded at spotify studios nyc)

i adored new york last year. it was the perfect love song and from what i’d heard prior to it was not what i was expecting from st vincent. i’ve had the rest of masseduction on my to listen to list for a while, but this bass-thrum-heavy recording isn’t getting me there any faster.


Lay It On Me

ten tonnes – lay it on me

i only heard of ten tonnes the first time a few weeks back via an acoustic track on the nmf playlist. my ears don’t have the patience to listen to this genre of thinly sung indie-rock and even though there’s a nice build towards the end it doesn’t quite make up for the lacklustre first half.


Wild Silence

the wandering hearts – wild silence

i can only assume that the wandering hearts picked their band name when they were eleven years old and didn’t feel right shaking it. i was ready to hate this cliched, play-by-numbers folk-rock dragger, but i’m a sucker for this genre and i’m inclined to be kind.


Fifty Shades Freed (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Explicit]

whethan – high feat. dua lipa

this almost slipped me by on the new fifty shades ost, but i bled lipa’s debut album dry and i’m not quite ready to get over it. high isn’t her best, nor is it the best track on the album it features on, i don’t like instrumentally-led choruses in general, but i’m not ready to write it off.


What songs did you like this week?

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