friday 5 at 5 to 5 #7

it’s been a bit of a sombre week in our house. maybe it’s the weather, maybe its the stubborn little mistress that is our beautiful dog toffee who has been digging her heels a lot, or maybe it’s the forced feelings of love that have been going around via our favourite hallmark holiday valentines day. whatever the case, i’m looking forward to it being over and getting into some new music.

i changed tack a little this week because on first glance at the official uk new music friday playlist there was one song on the surface that i was excited about (dan owen’s icarus), i mean, there’s got to me more good new music out there right?! so i was more reckless in my pickings throwing anything on there that might spark some kind of joy and after scouring various nmf playlists from other countries and the apple releases of the week, i put together a 37 song 124 minute playlist to listen to. i’m going to err on the side of my gut reactions and frankly i have too much work to do, so if a song doesn’t go off or engage me in some way after 60 seconds then it’s cut.

re: last week, i’m still unsure about the new james bay, and i’d like to once again champion the pure talent that is sam fender who is going on a uk tour at the end of the month/start of march + you should go see him if you can.

for anyone interestetd in listening along here are the playlists: the songs for this week, all the songs from all the weeks for anyone retrospectively looking at my blog that doesn’t want to search each individual song if they’re looking at an older post, and my 2018 playlist of the songs that i think deserve a second, third, and maybe even fourth spin.


By The Way, I Forgive You

brandi carlile – every time i hear that song

carlile has been around for over a decade now and not that i’d necessarily call myself a fan, but i’m partial to a bit of folk/country and it’s nice to see that getting a look in in the nmf playlist amid a lot of the edm clatter. every time i hear that song is a nice but probably forgettable four minute folk-country ballad.



Jewel (feat. Nikki Vianna)

cash cash – jewel feat. nikki vianna

i really like how easy spotify makes it for me to find songs in an artists back catalogue. i couldn’t remember where i new cash cash from, but it turns out it’s from that really nice take me home song they did with bebe rhexa a few years ago. so, as far as i’m concerned with that as their benchmark, i thought that jewel was decent. it’s really just another arrow in the female led edm quiver that doesn’t stand out much, but nikki vianna’s vocal is sweet enough that i think i could get into this with a replay or two.



You Owe Me

the chainsmokers – you owe me

listenable, but really what are the chainsmokers getting at? if they’re shooting to rebrand themselves then i wish they’d do it under a different guise. go and listen to 21 pilots if you like this because they do it much better.




dan owen – icarus

i’m going into this with some bias since i’ve seen dan owen twice and both times he performed icarus. i always feel like remembering a song having only heard it once or twice is a testament to how good it is, and this was one of his live standouts during both sets. icarus is a taste of owen’s signature melancholic moody sound, there’s a nice bridge and his husky tone carries the song nicely.



Flora My Flawa

davido – flora my flawa

thanks to the great work of the baha men, caribbean styled music is a genre i find difficult to take seriously. flora my flowa is a nice beachy song that i have no interest in.



Forest Park

davis john patton – by now i know it well

i think this may have come out last week, but it was presented to me by nmf australia & nz and i really enjoyed my initial skim-listening. i’m never sure exactly where a song like by now i know it well  falls in the grander musical landscape, but for my purposes it’s really nice background work music. subtle, echoing vocals and some mostly chilled backing track, it’s a nice addition to my week and i’m going to spin the EP it’s from in the background when i’m doing work work later.



In the Moment

delorentos – in the moment

kind of lovely, but as a standalone unmemorable indie-film-montage background music.



Think About You

delta goodrem – think about you

she looks like jennifer lawrence on the artwork for this and i’ve like a couple of things goodrem has done, but this is a slice of the forgettable and needless pop that i can’t see setting the charts on fire.




ellie goulding – vincent

i feel like it plays to goulding’s strength to cover popular songs of old given it was her rendition of your song that really propelled her to stardom. vincent is a sweet john lewis advert ready cover of that don mclean song which might be for you but for me its a



Candy (English Version)

faky – candy (english version)

a japanese girlband serving a good upbeat pop song. wouldn’t have been surprised to hear this from fifth harmony. i like it.



Moon River

frank ocean – moon river 

this frank ocean cover of an all time classic dropped on valentines day and i am still not a frank ocean convert.




hannah jane lewis – aftershock

this genre of pop is either big big hit or big big yawn, so i always have time for trying it. aftershock, for me, falls in the latter pile.




harry hudson – gone

if vance joy had been the vocals on this i’d have been like yes that makes sense. hudson is, i have discovered via a quick google, a friend of the jenner family, which puts a confusing tinge on this sweeping guitar number, and though i liked it enough that i’d listen out for other songs by him, this gets a pass.



Getting Over You

lauv – getting over you

one of the best things i’ve noticed with doing this blog is how many cool pieces of album artwork there is out there. it’s even more satisfying when it’s attached to a good song, and i can’t pin what it is about getting over you that i really like, but it’s woken me up. the vocal is pretty, the production is lovely and it’s just a really nice song. i’m good at the descriptive words today, you’re welcome.



Loving Love

naaz – loving love

ok i was already for a big ol skip of this track, but the feeling took me. the hook grew on me real quick. it’s definitely a basic and understated song, but it’s got something that demands a second round (and i’m pretty sure it’s not that cowbell).



The Story of Us [Explicit]

quinn xcii – what the hell happened from us feat. kailee morgue

what the hell happened to us is a cut from the newly released deluxe edition of quinn xcii’s the story of us album which dropped last year. i say that like i’ve heard of either quinn xcii or kailee morgue, which i have not, but i’m seriously enjoying this fun dancy electronic pop song that nmf has kindly presented to me.



Dear Annie [Explicit]

reijje snow – charlie brown feat. anna of the north

i enjoyed egyptian lover from snow a few weeks, and it’s always interesting to figure out the trajectory of an artist via their releases. charlie brown has some cheeky lyrics, and it’s not bad but i’ve no inclination to hear it again.




samantha harvey – please

popstars need good popstar names and samantha harvey is NOT a good popstar name. i did a quick search for harvey and she’s a youtube cover star who’s releasing  her third original song. with expectations of the clunky pop that youtube stars generally churn out, please is refreshingly nice and uplifting. the vocal is strong (as i suppose you would hope for someone who does what she does for a living) and i’m hopeful that she can breakaway from her youtube beginnings and blossom into a viable artist – and if her current itunes chart placing sticks, she’s got a good shot.



Real Life Baby

scene writers + cookin’ on 3 burners – real life baby

i was thinking in the shower this morning about how i like it when a big soulful vocal comes together on an edm track, and real life baby has done just that on this third friday in february. this is going right on the running playlist.



1, 2, 3 (feat. Jason Derulo & De La Ghetto)

sofia reyes – 1, 2, 3 feat. jason derulo & de la ghetto

i was never really into the whole spanish crossover thing enough to have to get over it, but i can’t help but eyeroll a little whenever i hear those guitar sounds starting. i’ll always listen to something with a derulo feature spot, and he is killing it as ever, but not enough to save this track for me.



What songs did you like this week?

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