friday 5 at 5 to 5 #10

at time of writing it’s 9.11 and i’ve already put together the playlist of songs i’m planning to listen to for this blue skied new music friday which i’m counting as my second biggest win this week after i actually returned a work related call yesterday. aside from a couple of personal favourites i’m feeling pretty unexcited about all the add ons i put in via my initial click throughs, but i’m ever the optimist and statistically there must be one in there by an unknown that i’ll like, right?

if not, the only song i care about right now is still  make me feel by janelle monae, and apart from that i’ve just been riding my imagine dragons high all week after their incredible show last sunday at the hydro so on the new music replay front i’ve little to report.

i’m thinking about doing some album reviews of new stuff that comes out, but looking at the release calendar there’s not a lot that i’m interested in or excited about save for george ezra later this month. there’s a couple albums out this year/late last year (which is getting too far away too fast) that i haven’t gotten around to yet so i might circle back on those in an effort to hone my critical skills. although after finally listening to the thrill of it all and seeing how much sam smith phoned it in i don’t know if some stones are better left unturned.

anywaaaay: for anyone interested in listening along here are the playlists: the songs for this week, all the songs from all the weeks for anyone retrospectively looking at my blog that doesn’t want to search each individual song if they’re looking at an older post, and my 2018 playlist of the songs that i think deserve a second, third, and maybe even fourth spin. and if you trust my music taste even an inch go and check out my other spotify playlists to allay that belief and realise that i’m an overly commercialised music enjoying robot.

Make Way

aloe blacc – make way

blacc is one of those people who i’d sling on the has a good voice but applies it to the most irritating music possible. but he falls into that southern rock music sweet spot that i’ve got a big weakness for, and fortunately make way teeters just far away from the edm line he’s toed in the past. his past efforts have got me griping at the shallow-feel the lyrics are giving me and i can’t help but think that as much as i’m actually enjoying it and bobbing my head, i’ll be over it before it disappears. in any case.


Look Back

betty who – look back

i quite like betty who’s track from a few weeks back, it pinned her as an artist that i could get into if the killer song came along. look back has some nice moments, it’s pacey, it’s got a good bass guitar line that pricked my ears up a bit, but it just doesn’t read like a song that i’ll be rushing to come back to.



caitlyn scarlett – ornaments

if we glaze over the pedestrian name and what is possibly the blandest conceptual name for a song of all time it is possible to see scarlett for what she is: yet another example of the boring boring boring electro-indie movement that ellie goulding popularised and has no good place modern music.


Only Human (Deluxe)

calum scott – give me something

i laid into scott a bit last week and seeing his name pop up again on this weeks new music friday on the back of his album release i wanted to see if i was going to proven wrong. the opening lyric “i called your number about a hundred times/i know that you know that it’s me” cemented for me that scott is yet another faux-deep overproduced label fodder artist that i’m never going to care about. give me something is a painfully formulaic, cliche laden track that sounds exactly like something john newman (see further down) would come out with six years ago.


The Kids Are Alright

chloe x halle – warrior 

i’m saddened to hear all the less than favourable reviews for a wrinkle in time given it is a depressingly rare female-dominated cast, but as comes with many highly promoted, poorly reviewed films there is a full-of-potential star-studded soundtrack, which chloe x halle’s warrior falls among. i keep holding out for that career propelling track from the duo, and whilst it’s not bad, warrior is nothing particularly special.


Young & Free

dermot kennedy – young & free

kennedy is a name i feel like a recognise from easy listening acoustic music that i’d put on in the background on a lazy afternoon. now paying attention, young & free pins kennedy as a fine example of those acoustic guitar singer songwriter artists that got half an hour in the studio and wanted to show off their moodier side to prove their worth as a real artists. i’m probably being overly harsh, but it’s only because i feel like i’ve heard a hundred examples of this being done better and more memorably.


I Believe (As Featured In The Walt Disney Pictures' "A Wrinkle In Time")

dj khaled + demi lovato – i believe

mark two from the wrinkle in time ost featuring the vocally talented lovato and man of the hour dj khaled holds the potential to be a huge collaboration, but it’s held back by it’s being a part of a big budget disney movie and doesn’t quite come off.


It'll Be Alright

donkeyboy – it’ll be alright

i knew i knew the name donkeyboy but i was wracking my brain as to where from until it hit me that they were behind the original version of x-factor winners circle alumni joe mcelderry’s debut single (the climb not included) ambitions which i really enjoyed in spite of my personal dislike of the people’s champion. it’ll be alright is a light, fun, summery track that could slip into any feel good playlist as filler. i was thinking about what to say about if for too long that it played twice and still don’t have much to add, i don’t think it’s a standout track but it’s still pretty nice.


Hallelujah (So Low)

editors – hallelujah (so low)

editors, spotify tells me, are not the indie quintet i had assumed but in fact are ‘one of the leading bands in the post-punk revival that swept america and england in the early 21st century.’ as far as i’m concerned, hallelujah (so low) falls in the coldplay-u2-stereophonics-i-don’t-care-for-it-but-i’m-happy-to-let-other-people-think-this-is-good-music-and-leave-the-real-good-music-for-me category.


I Believe You

fletcher – i believe you

i’m always torn over songs that are to commemorate significant moments in the calendar. sure, christmas, valentines day etc. are commercialised to the point beyond insanity where it’s expected, but there’s something about a song specifically released for international women’s day that doesn’t sit right. sure,  i believe you was a nice enough heartfelt sounding ballad, and maybe i’d feel differently if i knew more about the story behind it, but it feels a little bit too inauthentic.



george ezra – hold my girl

i said that happy george ezra is my favourite george ezra but to be honest there’s no george ezra that i don’t like. i’m hesitant to listen to hold my girl because i just want the album to listen to in full but this is all i get for now. i feel like this isn’t a standalone single: it’s sweet and nice and i like it as a fan but i’m under no illusion that it’s a moment from staying at tamara’s that will win over non fans. i will listen to this again, but not until the album drops.


Electric Light

james bay – pink lemonade

it’s good that james bay is regressing into a genre in which there exists already so much fodder there isn’t room to move. i was willing to come around to his new direction, wild love has grown on me since my initial despair at it, but pink lemonade sounds like the first single from every alt-rock band that has had some alright response on a support slot on the latest blossoms tour that you wouldn’t seek out to listen to unless you’re musically dimwitted. the email from ticketmaster telling me i could secure tickets to his next tour if i preordered his album just made a leap from my inbox to my deleted.



jason derulo – colors

i miss the era when derulo would announce himself at the start of all his songs, that was a time to be alive. colors sounds exactly as much of a fifa world cup song that it was written to be. i have no objection to it, but in a world where i know he’s capable of swalla, and also in a world where shakira gave us waka waka, this is a little too vanilla, and i’m the whitest boy around.


We Got Love

jessica mauboy – we got love

i prefer to consume my eurovision all at once on the day of the big event, it’s such a bizarre and beautiful but completely insular genre that it’s disillusioning to listen to it outside the context of the competition. we got love  i’m sure i’ll be excited by when she takes the stage in two months, so i’m going to sleep on this until after that because i feel like i could really get behind the anthem that it is when it’s blasted at me through my tv in all it’s lavish production.

SPIN (in a couple months)

Fire In Me

john newman – fire in me

i’ve always felt like john newman should be a one hit wonder kind of artist  in that his vocal is certainly there, but once you’ve heard him once you’ve heard him a hundred times, and there’s something about his tone that doesn’t lend itself to repeated listening. fire in me is actually a decent enough song, if you placed someone else’s voice in there i would go as far as to say that there’s not much out there like this at the moment, it definitely goes off even if  the lyrics are a bit been there done that, and i’m hesitant to write it off. i hope this breaks the mould for every other post love me again and i don’t end up hating it after 20 minutes.


Ride Or Die (feat. Foster The People)

the knocks + foster the people – ride or die

i’m not familiar with the knocks, and i don’t know foster and the people outside pumped up kicks so there wasn’t much expectation here. i’m finding it difficult to form an opinion because it’s kinda generic as far as my untrained ear can tell. i’m not going to remember it.



lissie – love blows

i thoroughly enjoyed lissie’s first effort catching a tiger back in 2010, i remember reading an article in the guardian at the time and seeing her freckled face spread out across two pages and it just sort of clicked when i went back and listened to it. i’ll admit that i haven’t paid any attention to her subsequent work, but judging by her latest effort  i’d garner that she’s still the breezy troubadour i thought her to be. love blows is a little moodier and without any preexisting attatchment i’d likely just push this away as nmf fodder, but it’s got me feeling a little nostalgic and i’m going to ship it just this once.



liv dawson – talk

i stopped paying attention to read twitter which isn’t a good sign for a song from the start is it? i’d love to get all these all but nameless singers that appear every week to stand in a line and sing a song for me acapella whilst i have my eyes shut to see if i could tell them apart. talk is honestly just a drop in the bottomless barrel that keeps trying to fill my glass, and you might like it because it reminds you of attention by charlie puth.


Your Side Of The Bed [Clean]

loote – your side of the bed

is this julia michaels? i’m pretty sure it’s julia michaels. look, i might naysay to hell all these indistinguishable thin breathy female vocals with a light electro-pop backdrop, but that’s not to say that a good one comes along every now and then is it? your side of the bed has something about it that i can’t put my finger on as yet, i think it’s that the hook isn’t instantly annoying. in any case, i feel like this from loote, whomever that may be, lands just on the right side of the fence and i’m going to give in and tell you to check it out.


Space For Two [Explicit]

mr probz – space for two

from the man who gave us waves but not even the best version of it (robin schulz remix) comes a guitar led melancholy r&b song that you’re probably only listening to because you know you know the name mr probz and can’t pin it. you’re probably not listening to it for more than a minute because it’s too generic and you can’t get over the fact that a man who replaced the s with a z in his name is asking you to take him in any way seriously.


Tearing at the Seams (Deluxe Edition)

nathaniel rateliff & the night sweats – be there

nathaniel rateliff and his aforementioned night sweats are something i’ve been vaguely aware of as being “for fans of alabama shakes, and st paul and the broken bones” but remains someone i haven’t listened to. it’s rock and roll and rhythm and blues and i don’t know if be there is that starting line i should be standing on, but it bodes well for me throwing his latest album in my feel good soul playlist. i stan it, but not as a single.


Please - EP

samantha harvey – when it comes down

cheer up. it hasn’t even happened yet. this is the last samantha harvey song i plan to give any attention because she peaked with please and that was barely a peak.


Seasons Change

scotty mccreery – this is it

from david cook through to caleb johnson i was a religious american idol viewer. i didn’t and don’t care much for country music and i was irked when mccreery won his season over haley reinhart, but eventually i got over it and came around. it’s always nice to see someone from a reality tv singing show to enjoy continued commercial success in their genre, reminding us lay people that there is some hope should we wish to fast track our dreams. i don’t really rate this is it as i do other country songs, it’s not bad but it’s not a standout.


Attention Attention

shinedown – devil

i was introduced to shinedown via my then flatmate blasting second chance at any available opportunity and at some point i started enjoying it. it was a bit heavier on the rock side than i would probably put on of my own accord, but the hook was commercial enough that i enjoyed it. devil is, to my untrained ear, not commercial enough for me.


sia – magic

and third comes sia’s a wrinkle in time number. much like any other sia song, i don’t expect it to be amazing and usually my preconception is right in that it’s just another sia song. but she’s had too many hits for me to ignore what was more than likely to be soundtrack filler, and though i wasn’t wrong in my assumptions, if you want a slightly twee sia song then maybe this is you.


Accidentally On Purpose

the shires – guilty

britsh born country music is never going to feel that authentic, i do like a male female due but this is just nondescript genre music that i don’t care about.



years & years & – sanctify

thank. the. lord. i’m so happy that years & years are back on the scene. i caught them twice during their communion run back in 2015 and they knocked it out of the park both times. i’d honestly forgotten how obsessed i was until sanctify served as that reminder on this blessed new music friday. it’s synth pop at it’s absolute best, it’s ethereal, it’s hooky, it’s uplifting and a little bit spooky and i’m absolutely ready for their sophmore album.


What songs did you like this week?

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