friday 5 at 5 to 5 #11

welcome to 2018 the music has arrived. there are too many songs this is getting out of hand how do i pick from among them?  that’s right, i don’t! i’m going to listen to them all! this is truly, by far the most exciting prospective listening week of the year so far, made no less full by some newer artists (anais, emily burns and hayley kiyoko). will the songs turn out to be trash or not who knows but i’ll do my best to inform the only loyal readers (my parents) which songs are worthwhile listening to.

before i get onto it, i’ve not replayed much from last week (which was pretty bad imo) save for the new years & years which i think isn’t their best ever but is still very good, plus the new john newman and aloe blacc, both of which i’m begrudgingly enjoying on my gym playlist.

ok i’m ready to go, are you ready to go? for anyone interested in listening along here are the playlists: the songs for this week, all the songs from all the weeks for anyone retrospectively looking at my blog that doesn’t want to search each individual song if they’re looking at an older post, and my 2018 playlist of the songs that i think deserve a second, third, and maybe even fourth spin.


set in stone

anais – set in stone

if i were to round up my top 3 songs of 2018 so far, anais’ nina is definitely on that list and so it felt like a blessing on tuesday when her ep dropped. set in stone is probably the most accessible of the new collection vis a vis it being the choice for the new music friday: it’s pop-y, it’s pacey, it’s beautifully sung, and it’s got some semblance of hook. it doesn’t quite match the heights of nina for me, but anais is definitely carving her way as a real up and comer for 2018.



Blaze of Glory

anna lunoe – blaze of glory

i liked the intro, it’s got that bubblegum pop vibe that i normally associate with cher lloyd’s first album, but when it came to the chorus it didn’t quite deliver what a song like this could. i’m getting a little sick of songs that don’t go anywhere and don’t make me want to listen to it again.



Answerphone (feat. Yxng Bane)

banx & ranx, ella eyre – answerphone feat. yxng bane

ella eyre’s voice has a tendency to go right through me, but the powers that be sprung this right on top of the nmf playlist whether i wanted them to or not. answerphone taps into that carribbean-pop sound that was huge last year, but it’s worn thin by this point and i’m ready for it to be over. yxng bane’s part is good, but in 2018 are we really still singing songs about voicemail? you’ll probably be hearing this all over the place but whatever.



Everybody Hates Me

the chainsmokers – everybody hates me

i feel like the chainsmokers are trying to tap into the 21 pilots marketplace when that’s already oversaturated by it’s current occupant. everybody hates me has glimmers of closer, the one chainsmokers song i had any time for, but it’s too melancholy and i’m hopeful that thanks to their last few singles reaching the staggering heights of the mid 60-70s on the us charts, it might be time for them to give it up.




charlie puth – done for me feat. kehlani

can we take puth out of this and make it all kehlani? it’s funky, it’s fun, it’s annoyingly good and even though i still can’t get over his voice i think i might come around like i did with attention.




duke dumont + ebeneezer – inhale

my untrained ears tell me this is sampling daft punk’s get lucky. i forgot how much i was dumont’s i got you a couple of years ago, and i’m definitely here for the funky styling on this song but would i playlist it? i don’t think this is commercial enough for me, maybe with some bruno mars vocals, but as is i’m gonna pass.



Over My Head

echosmith – over my head

echosmith have some cool songs in their back catalogue, i really enjoyed future me because it reminded me of t-swifts 1989 era. i think in terms of commerciality, over my head is more direct and less floaty like some of their past efforts. the hook is a little repetitive and comes at you in the verse, chorus and bridge in a way that i think would grind you down pretty quick. i don’t hate it, but i wish there was more to it.



Girlfriend At the Time

emily burns – girlfriend at the time

bitch was a good pop song and girlfriend at the time from even a conceptual standpoint seems just clever and cliché-twisting enough that my expectation was piqued. i think there’s a danger of forgettability for burns because she falls in the thin voiced female pop singer category that is hard to break out of and stay out of. girlfriend at the time is another nice pop song. it’s not her breakout hit, but if this is how her ep/album is shaping up i could definitely see myself listening to it.



You Are Someone Else [Explicit]

fickle friends – bite

this was nice. i wish fickle friends well because i really loved swim from a couple years back. i know their album came out today so i’d gun on there being a better single choice in there, but i’m not ready to go through it yet to find out. bite stands on the line of being commercially viable but it doesn’t quite push over it. a good live performance i’m sure, that little drop at the bridge was ace, but in a standalone context i’m not sold.



Image result for in your own sweet time fratellis

the fratellis – sugartown

man. i love the fratellis in a totally non ironic not even for nostaligc reasons way. i bloody loved their last album even though i’ve never felt so old as i did having both my drinks spilled over me during as a group of teens started moshing around me to halloween bluessugartown isn’t their hookiest and i probably won’t listen to it again, but it’s very them and i’m a little into it.



Staying at Tamara's [Explicit]

george ezra + first aid kit – saviour

i think saviour might be the most middle-class-appealing collab of all time. honestly i love george and i don’t hate first aid kit, but i could’ve done without this. it’s too much like the swedish duo and not enough of mr petan and yeah i don’t hate it but i don’t care for it either. still looking forward to seeing him at the end of the month but:




george glew – bittersweet

sing me sweet mr glew. this isn’t anything over than a guitar led, husky voiced white boy ballad, but it hit me in just the right place. glew sounds lovely and my sources (spotify) tell me he’s like my good man sam fender which gets him some points from me. would see live. would swoon over. am swooning over.




halsey, big sean + stefflon don – alone

halsey sounds like a poor man’s demi lovato. alone did nothing for me.




hayley kiyoko – let it be

i’m still loving curious and think kiyoko is one of the more exciting pop stars on the rise at the moment. she feels starkly more viable than the rest of the crop that lurk around the new music playlists. let it be is just well polished, it has a well-rounded sound, and even though it’s nothing particularly groundbreaking, it feels authentic. it’s sweet and reminds me a little of kesha’s recent album which is definitely no bad thing.



Old Soul

hudson taylor – old soul

when i heard run with me via one of my early blog posts i was pretty negative about it being too generic and white-guys-doing-folk-music boring, but something about it got to me, i decided to give it another chance and it fast became a fixture in my playlists. old soul lands somewhere more in the album track category, it’s not a song you’re going to remember but sitting in the back seat, driving around whilst it’s raining and looking longingly out the window this wouldn’t go amiss.



Never Fall In Love

jack antanoff + mo – never fall in love

i mostly associate antanoff with being behind some of lorde’s recent work and of course 1989, but i didn’t know until a little google search that he was in once popular pop band one-album-wonder fun. there’s quite a few tracks on the nmf playlist from the love, simon ost, and i’m struggling to put this outside of that bracket. there’s nothing wrong with soundtrack songs per se (see pray for me), but it’s giving me the same feeling that charli xcx’s boom clap did from the fault in our stars. fine but i don’t need it.




kota banks – zoom

i really need to educate myself on the different musical sounds because i don’t what the name is for that synthy-musical-drum-noise that comes at you in two note segments throughout this song, but it really grinds on me. some more smokey sounding vocals trying to play it off as a quirky-sexy but really zoom just comes off as boring.



Remind Me to Forget

kygo + miguel – remind me to forget

miguel has the most velvety tone out there, it’s just lush and it makes me feel like i’m in love every time i’ve heard it since his #beautiful collab with mariah carey. i’ve got a lot of time for kygo as the soundtrack to my run so i’m welcoming this soaring edm ballad that i missed when his album dropped last year that i could happily spin on repeat.



Bet Ain't Worth the Hand

leon bridges – bet it ain’t worth the hand

i have so so so much time for leon bridges existing in that mainstream r&b soul of yesteryear sound space that i only otherwise associate with st paul & the broken bones and samm henshaw. i first heard him feature on mackelmore & ryan lewis’s kevin and i really enjoyed his come home album from 2016. bet it ain’t worth the hand is a a nice enough r&b ballad but i’m more about his upbeat stuff.




lousia + 2 chainz – yes

louisa’s year was the last year i invested time in x-factor. she’s undeniably talented but i realised that i just didn’t care about robotically managed reality tv popstars anymore. tears was fine, so good was fine, unpredictable was fine, but i just haven’t been excited by her. yes is the kind of killer song i’d expect from christina aguilera or maybe little mix and i’m starting to feel like whoever is in charge of louisa’s career pulled out all the stops in a last ditch attempt to make her happen and (even though she sacrificed having a good bridge in favour of a 2 chainz guest verse) it worked. this song goes off.



Image result for lxandra deep

lxandra – dig deep

i wasn’t too taken by the initial verses, but when the chorus on dig deep hits is pretty magical. i don’t know lxandra from eve, but there’s something distinctive enough that i feel like i can get behind. ethereal, stompworthy, soaring, a good introduction to an obvious talent.



Grit Your Teeth

martin luke brown – grit your teeth

i was ready to hate marin luke brown from his pedestrian name and peddling the kind of edm white boy sound that instinctively makes my skin crawl, but having clicked on his about section on spotify i can get behind him because a) he’s pretty, b) his bio is simply ‘i just like writing songs man’ and c) by the time i’d done some digging the chorus hit in a big way and i finally feel like i’ve woken up.



Time to Be Alive [Explicit]

matt cardle – desire

isn’t is mental that painter and decorator and matt cardle who screeched his way through nights in white satin actually won the year in which global superstars zayn, harry and niall also participated? the only good thing that cardle has done in my book was his collab with mel c, so i put this on here out of curiosity and i can confirm it’s cliché-lyric trash.



I Wanna Know

notd + bea miller – i wanna know

i liked miller during her time on x-factor usa, and i feel like she’s going to be one of the stars of tomorrow. she’s only 19 and has already carved out a viable career path for herself, built up a significant following and i feel like she’s ready to make her leap into the top of charts. i wanna know is a statement that she is commercially savvy, capable, and, given the right promotion, her new album aurora could propel her into the global mainstream.



Image result for prhyme dave east

phryme + dave east – era

i  feel like this falls into the “music that isn’t for me on a fundamental level because it’s not what i grew up with” but it i’m vibing hard on it. i’ve been building a rap-centric playlist for my weights day it the gym to keep me hyped and i’m more than happy to put this on there. accessible enough rap from royce da 5’9 and others.



Revamp: The Songs Of Elton John & Bernie Taupin

q-tip + demi lovato – don’t go breaking my heart

i put this on here more out of curiosity than anything else. i don’t think we needed a ‘relevant-sounding’ version of elton john’s ‘classic’ but for some reason there’s a reimagining of john’s music going on and there’s a star studded cast taking the vocals. i’ve got a soft spot for the original, but if i’d never heard it and someone put this in my ears, i don’t think it would resonate.



No Vacancy

rhys – no vacancy

it’s sad that hearing someone actually sing and the vocal being the lead part of the track is a nice change of pace with a real bridge, but this is where we are. rhys has a sweet tone and carries the song nicely, it isn’t that memorable and doesn’t really go anywhere enough that i can see it occupying the top of the charts, but it’s a decent enough pop tune that i’m not mad about.




sabrina carpenter + jonas blue – alien

i have no great objection to jonas blue. he’s peddled out some pretty sweet running tracks that got some good commercial success. i don’t think alien is as immediately accessible as say perfect strangers and i don’t think i’ll be playlisting it. there’s not enough of a hook here which if i cared more i might find disappointing. it’s not going to stop me listening out for more jonas blue music because he’s still got the pop-relevant hit-maker credentials, but i’ll give this one a pass.



Raw [Explicit]

sigrid – raw

i was big into sigrid for a couple of months there, but after strangers took off in a big way i feel like i just got over it? don’t get me wrong, i still think don’t kill my vibe is one of the best pop songs of the last few years, but i feel like i’ve already reached saturation point from our sound of 2018. i’m ready to be proven wrong but this wasn’t the track to rebuild that momentum for me.


Cruzin' [Explicit]

snakehips + st rulez – cruizin’

i’m still waiting for return to form from the producers that brought wasted and cruel and cruizin’ was not bad but not it.


You're Not Giving Up

stine bramsen – you’re not giving up

oh it’s the girl from alphabeat! you know when you’re ready to write something off until you get more context?   you’re not giving up is a lyrically nice pop song with a good beat that i’d be happy to replay. will i be playing it in a month? i doubt it. but still.


Who You Are (feat. MIO)

syn cole – who you are feat. mio

pacey intro. good build. nice vocal. perfect for cardio. tick!


One Stone

trixie mattel – red side of the moon

i’m so happy for trixie. i was championing against her right up until the finale because shangela should’ve gotten it by rights and kennedy was my second pick after what she said about not wanting to be an afterthought, but when she donned that pink jumpsuit something just clicked. i don’t think that trixie’s music is particularly standout in the counrty/folk scene, but i’ve fallen in love with it and there’s no going back. heartfelt, heartwarming, simple sweet storytelling. i’ve got a lot of time for this. go listen to her albums


Never Fall In Love

troye sivan – strawberries + cigarettes

the title is such a bad title for a song so we were off to a bad start but i can’t deny that sivan has done some good work yet again. it’s smokey and sweet and reminds me in a good way of taylor swift’s this love which is no bad thing. title aside i’ve got to give it to him.


I Like The Way

tyron hapi + liam ferrari – i like the way

liam ferrari is just the worst popstar name i’ve ever heard. seriously, if that’s not his real name then i can’t standby and accept that as a commercially intelligent choice [UPDATE: it is his real name. jfc.].  i like the way reminds me of justin bieber 2016 which is probably my favourite jb. it’s got whiffs of mama  by jonas blue and it’s not as repulsive as i expected it to be.


Mind On It [Explicit]

yungen + jess glynne – mind on it

jess glynne is either really jarring or in the sweet spot and this is definitely an example of the former. i’ve heard enough.


What songs did you like this week?

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