staying at tamara’s by george ezra – track by track album review


“staying at tamara’s” by george ezra – album review

my last attack at an album review felt like a slog, i don’t have a lot of patience for listening to the same artist for the best part of an hour unless it’s really really good and i wanted to go in a different direction for take two. so, rather than tell you what’s good and bad, my track-by-track review of george ezra’s most recent album, staying at tamara’s, is what each individual song had me imagining rather than a critique of why i liked/didn’t like it because i would like to not drag people all the time, especially george because he’s a good boy and we like him.


1. pretty shining people

you’re in hour 5 of a road trip, the sun breaks through the clouds, you look at the person driving and smile and they smile back

2. don’t matter now

the feeling of teaching someone to throw a frisbee and they’re hilariously shit at it and you can’t make yourself be mad about it even though it’s hugely frustrating

3. get away

jaunty and fun and makes you want to dance like your dad probably did in the 70s

4. shotgun

working yourself up to go cliff jumping off the coast of a spanish island on a summers afternoon

5. paradise

going on a “kids” roller-coaster because you’re scared of bigger ones and it turns out to be just as scary but you get over it and end up riding it for hours because it’s a lot of fun

6. all my love

your friend that you didn’t know could sing gets up on stage to play a song he wrote and it starts off a bit shaky but by the end the crowd is hooting and hollering

7. sugarcoat

the cute moment when you don’t want to go out tonight with your friends and your significant other tells you that this is a valid feeling and you plan a nice night in  with them instead

8. hold my girl

the end tail end of a fight with your partner where you both wanna say sorry and finally stop being stubborn about it and make up

9. saviour (feat. first aid kit)

the song you’d expect to be in thelma and louise, a film you haven’t actually seen

10. only human

trying to sleep but not being able to sleep because you know you messed things up and can’t switch your brain off

11. beautiful dream

looking out the plane window with heavy eyes as you’re being taken away from that small bit of paradise you weren’t ready to leave yet

closing thoughts

i’m already a fan of george ezra, but second albums aren’t always an easy ride, so i’m pleased this his sophomore effort turned out nicely. the whole thing feels like a holiday romance montage that is fun whilst it lasts but dwindles towards the end. if i were you, i’d either cut it off at hold my girl to keep a tight hold of inescapable warmth it gives you or let it run back to the beginning and let ezra lift you back up with an encore of pretty shining people which works as well as an closer as it does an opener.

What songs did you like this week?

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