friday 5 at 5 to 5 #29

the fact that there are only 62 songs on the official spotify new music friday playlist today (rather than the usual 80) pretty much says it all that it’s a slow day for new music. a summer slump? people on holiday? still, there are some things in my below selection that i’m looking forward to wrapping my ears around today.

if i’m honest, i’ve not really listened to much from last week save for tash sultana’s still excellent track. my usual music listening time, a.k.a. whenever i’m walking the dog, has been stripped away by people coming with me or listening to podcasts and the audiobook of the name of the wind by patrick rothfuss instead. i also spent a lot of time driving and my copilot indulged her desire to listen to hannah montana, old taylor swift, and the absolute banger that is eenie meenie by justin bieber + sean kingston. oh and i listened to the 5sos album which didn’t have much of note apart from youngblood, and tom grennan’s debut, from which i tentatively playlisted little by little love and found what i’ve been looking for to my current rotations.

anyway, i’ll get on with it because i can feel myself coming down with something, plus i’m near my deadline for work and i’m not even nearly close to being finished…

Love It If We Made It [Explicit]

the 1975 – love it if we made it

i find the 1975 fascinating. there’s something very culty about them, which i suppose comes from having such a diehard fanbase who think you are the musical prophets we’ve been waiting for to save us, so it’s hard to blame them for the god-complex they’ve unwillingly developed when it comes to their music. i like them and all, but in my entire life i’ve never wanted nor needed anyone to bring out two albums in the space of one year (which is what they’re doing), and i just know i won’t listen to them. maybe i’m musically ignorant, maybe i just don’t get them like other people do, or maybe it actually is the seemingly-deep-and-meaningful-but-actually-shallow music that if written in an essay format would expose itself as being a big pile of wank that i, the casual listener, thinks it is. the vocal is interesting on love it if we made it, it’s commanding and there’s a pretty glitteryness to the track, but it’s just kinda dull? maybe i came in with too much pre-emptive bias but this is not for me.


I Might Need Security [Explicit]

chance the rapper – i might need security

chance has come a long way since i saw him supporting macklemore & ryan lewis at the academy in glasgow and singing about juice boxes. the endlessly repeating “fuck you” in i need security that starts off as pleasing, but when chance actually comes in it just becomes distracting and couldn’t pay attention to anything else.



deaf havana – holy

is it me or does the pre-chorus sound very very like sam smith’s no good at goodbye? holy is is a really pleasant track, it feels meticulously put together and there are a nice mix of pop-punk and synth-pop influences which is getting me good after a choppy start. that’s two for two for, deaf havana, tour near me soon, yeah?



This Is England [Explicit]

fatch – this is england

i don’t actually know what compelled me to put this on the playlist, maybe i liked how fatch raps, but here it is, ok? this is england sounds like a very here-is-a-poem-i-wrote-in-high-school-about-anti-establishment. i don’t want to detract from the intention because it is accurate and makes some relevant points but the way it’s presented is just kinda unintentionally funny and goes on a lot about meghan markle and i honestly had a good time listening to it but definitely not one for the regular rotations.



future jr. – changing

i’m feeling sluggish today, think i’m coming down with something? this is very 1975’s first album, so i’m into it as much as i’m into that whole alt-pop-synth genre but a wee bit too melancholy tinged for such a rainy day.




imagine dragons – natural

a gift for me on this now wonderful friday! there are two imagine dragons: the heavy, ready to fight imagine dragons, and the depressed imagine dragons, and if the former is the one you like then this is for you. vocally, this is closest in tone to their sucker for pain feature which i, an undying fan, loved. it’s for some espn college football thing and it feels very hype-driving and testosterone-powering and i reckon this is the song i’ll like most today.


You're Crazy

jodie abacus – you’re crazy

on a good day (not today) i reckon i’ll love this, it’s light and fun and disco-dancy but contemporary-sounding enough that it’s not annoying. into it.



Politics of Living

kodaline – worth it

*general intro slamming of kodaline and the music fan they represent* but i enjoyed this well enough, like, i could probably run to it which goes a long way for me in terms of eventual enjoyment, it’s got a nice build and one of those choir choruses that’s supposed to be uplifting and i feel a little uplifted so mission accomplished. today you get a pass.


Thru These Tears

lany – thru these tears

ughhhh i’m all out of insightful-nuance for the day, i just loved this ok? i’m in need of soothing, pleasing, well put together music so that i can feel like something is maybe possible in this gradually declining state of physical health i’m experiencing on this afternoon and this was soothing, pleasing and well put together. chicken soup for the soul.


Best I'll Ever Sing

maisie peters – best i’ll ever sing

i liked a maisie peters song a month or so ago but this is too twee ballady for me today and everyday. oh, and somebody please put that artwork in the bin, this isn’t instagram hun x



meghan trainor – treat myself

this was nice, future me will like this, thank you.


King Without a Crown

punctual + skinny living + kid ink – king without a crown

i went through a three-day-long skinny living obsession about a year ago, they’re generally too sad-sounding for me but i was feeling indulgent. i’ve lost the ability, hopefully temporarily, to recognise good music i think, so who knows if i’m throwing away something I’d enjoy here, the vibe is good, i’m just bored of weak rap verses, not feeling it.




shift k3y + a*m*e – entirety

i liked the tempo change just past the halfway mark, i feel like i’m in spin class and being told to kick it up a gear. it kinda bangs, but i’m not that fussed.


Teach Me To Fight [Explicit]

yonaka – fired up

i feel fired up. this song was a success. good punk rock, a slightly haim-ish vocal. a yes from me.


Sour Diesel

zayn – sour diesel

awful name for a song, but i am happy to report that zayn is in fact ok afterall. this is far more something i would’ve expected to find on harry styles’ album than from zayn but be in a band with someone for long enough and there’s bound to be some crossover i guess. it’s the kinda song i’d expect to hear in an episode of fargo or on some buddy cop starsky and hutch type show/movie, not loving it if i’m honest but i feel like zayn is coming out of his slump.


Happy Now

zedd + elley duhé – happy now

the question we have to ask ourselves is: is happy now on a par with the middle? the answer: no.


What songs did you like this week?

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