New Music Mondays #5: Bridges to Burn

I will say now that it was s l i m pickings this week for the blog so there are only a lowly eight songs up for your consideration. Maybe I need to cast a net wider than Spotify’s New Music Friday playlists and my release radar, so if anyone has any suggestions where I can find more new music to wrap my ears around every single week then hit me up.

I was hoping to fill this introduction with positive comments about Maroon 5’s Super Bowl Half Time Show from last night, but it was so limp and looked like Adam Levine just wanted the whole thing to be over that I honestly can’t, except to say that the best part was, of course, the surprise appearance of the cast of Sponegebob Squarepants.

OK, I won’t take up any more of your time. Here are the eight songs that I deem worthy of your listening time. 26 manageable minutes of new music, what a treat!

Click here for the follow along playlist

100 Bad Days

AJR – 100 Bad Days

Another annoyingly catchy song from your favourite indie electro-pop band you probably haven’t heard of yet. AJR are the 497th most listened to artist on Spotify, with such global hits as Weak (374m streams) and Burn the House Down (71m streams. I can’t tell if it’s the lyrics (“100 bad days make 100 good stories/100 good stories make me interesting at parties”) or their delivery that winds me up, but here I am fuming once again that ones of their songs this has been stuck in my head all weekend, so I guess they’re doing it right. If this gets much radio play then god help us all




Alex Gough – Breakfast

From the second this started playing I was obsessed. The melody is so slick, I think it might be the best thing I’ve heard all year and I’m annoyed the song doesn’t go on longer, and more so that it has a twelve second fade out. The throaty talk-singing/rapping vocal style is something I’m yearning to hear more of in the mainstream, I’m sure it exists somewhere but I’m not savvy enough to know where to go looking for it. Anyway, I absolutely cannot get enough of this hook.



Low Key (feat. Tyga)

Ally Brooke – Low Key (feat. Tyga)

I don’t know who okayed this or why it was allowed to happen, as if somehow they thought we’d forget that Ally Brooke and Camilla Cabello came from the same globally popular girl band, but whether or not it was intentional or if the people who put it together somehow incredibly missed hearing Cabello’s  Havana, I am here for it’s blatant rip off, Low Key. It’s catchy as hell and I live.




Big Wild + Rationale – 6’s to 9’s

You turn my 6’s to 9’s is such a weird concept for a song: 6 to 9 doesn’t feel like much of a jump, and also it leaves room for improvement, why not a 10? What about when I’m at a 2? does this only rise in increments of 3?  will you only lift me to a 5?  Maybe it’s meant to be a 69 joke? Answers on a postcard please. The vocals are good, let’s just focus on that shall we?




Billie Eilish – bury a friend

Between You and Conversation with a Killer, the serial killer fixation has been more rampant than ever in 2019, so it’s only natural that this creepy obsession has manifested in song via Eilish’s bury a friend. Even though I’ve listened to it 10+ times now and knew it was coming, I almost dropped a dumbell on my face this morning when the whispered “Billie” came in at the start of the track. It’s haunting, it’s taunting, the “what do you want from me/why don’t you run from me” hook is literally killer and I can’t get enough of it. Make 2019 the year of Halloween anthems.



drive all night

joan – drive all night

Everything I’ve heard from joan, an indie pop duo who I’d place near the 1975, Pale Waves and maybe Carly Rae Jepson musically, has been really strong production wise. drive all night is well constructed sadpop that has me wistful about life and yearning to get away from it all.




LÉON – You And I

If you had told me that this was a song lifted straight from Miley Cyrus’s most recent album I would not have batted my eyelid for one single second. It’s so similar to Younger Now I can’t stop hearing it. You and I is a little overused as a lyrical hook (see: Ingrid Michaelson, Lady Gaga, One Direction) but you know what, it has worked once again on this sad banger with an uplifting vocal.




New Hope Club – Permission

For those unaware, New Hope Club are essentially the spiritual successors to One Direction with the archetype Riverdale aesthetic but without that hit song to propel them into the actual mainstream. When this first came on and I heard the “So we don’t need permission for nothing” one hundred red flags lit up in my brain – a song about not needing permission to do what you want is a PR nightmare in the making in the year 2019. Once my ears stopped hearing what they’ve now been so dutifully trained to hear, I understood it for the “defy our parents and be in love” boy band anthem that it is. Again, s l i m pickings this week, but if you like teenage boy band helmed music, then this is pretty alright.


What songs did you like this week?

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