New Music Mondays #14: I’m feeling so COOL

It has been a pretty quiet week for music, or at least, I’m still too focused on listening to Billie Eilish that everything else seems like a waste of my time, so I’m getting here one little day late with a small roundup of new songs I think you should listen to.

I almost put “Kill This Love” by BLACKPINK in here, since it’s the new record holder for the fastest video to reach 100 million views on Youtube, but I just don’t think it’s the songs that makes me feel like K-pop is for me yet, and all I can think about it when I listen to it is this video.

Anyway, I’ve got a cold or something and I don’t have much energy for this so I’ll be a little short in my words today, but don’t let that stop you from listening to any and all of these songs because they are all truly worth your listening time.


The Seed

AURORA – The Seed

This song is intense and powerful in a very ethereal way. “When the last tree has fallen/And the rivers are poisoned/You cannot eat money, oh no” is as blunt as it gets in the stop-killing-this-world-you-capitalist-pigs genre, which is a message I am very much on board with.



Charlotte – Nervous

It’s really refreshing to be made to wait for a chorus that delivers. A minute doesn’t feel like a long time in real terms, but in pop music terms that’s almost an eternity, so when it hits, it hits so right, and it’s so worth it. Really nice song with really nice vocals, the exact thing I’m looking for on this sunny afternoon.


Be The One (with Kaskade)

Cheat Codes – Be The One (with Kaskade)

This may be because I watched all eight episodes of Turn Up Charlie over the weekend, but I am so conscious to all the little drops and changes that I usually ignore and I am feeling them. Another reliably-good pace-inspiring running song from Cheat Codes.


Aura [Explicit]

Dennis Lloyd – Aura

I’m still deciding whether the repeated croon of “oh, when we fuck” over and over in this song is pleasing or disgusting, but what I do know is that it got stuck in my head and that’s a testament to… something, I’m sure.



Jonas Brothers – Cool

I love how the Jonas Brothers are singing a song about feeling cool when they are arguably the least cool band aesthetically speaking, and that is how I aspire to be in life. A happy little summer song.


Old Town Road (Remix)

Lil Nas X + Billy Ray Cyrus – Old Town Road – Remix

This is a COUNTRY song. Justice for Lil Nas X has been delivered and as much as this song is going to get real old real fast, I am living for it right now. Also welcome back to the fray Billy Ray Cyrus lmao. (read this for context if you’re lacking)



The Lumineers – Gloria

This is quintessential Lumineers. The piano breaks are glorious, Wesly Shultz sounds as divine as ever, and I feel like everything is ok in the world again. Makes me wanna get back into the business of covering their songs for YouTube.


To Be Human

MARINA – To Be Human

The delivery of the tour-of-the-world lyrics here is so commanding, I feel like Marina is a witch casting a spell over me in the best possible way.


About 2 Die [Explicit]

Marques Martin – About 2 Die/Kissing Pavements

 I can’t claim to know much about rap, but Martin’s vocal and his flow are so slick and the delivery is so polished I wouldn’t blink if I heard his songs on the radio. About 2 Die sounds like something I’d expect from Kanye, and the repeating ‘about to die’ sample that loops in the background has me thinking of Childish Gambino. Kissing Pavements is so impassioned and angry: “Rich people ain’t go to church/they got money man, they got money man/they don’t need to pray/when they just spend a hundred grand/make a hundred grand” is such a strong opening, it has good pace, and it doesn’t feel overproduced.


This Life

Vampire Weekend – This Life

What a cheerful, beach-boys-vibed song. I’ve not got the energy to unpack the lyrics, but I can tell you that the experience of listening to this is pure sad-delight.


What songs did you like this week?

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