New Music Mondays #21: Wish You Well

Every week I feel like I’m getting a little closer to quitting social media and if it wasn’t for this blog and me promoting it there then maybe I would’ve already. I’ve been thinking about ways to continue to promote it without actually having to log on to places so I’m going to try a couple of things over the next month or to see if I can drive traffic here in other ways and get out of the endless swirl. In light of that, you should sign up to my newsletter (CLICK HERE) which I know most of you haven’t done because I can see who has lol

It’s been kinda a sad couple days around here which has definitely skewed the recommendations a little for this week. I hope you find something you like!

Click here for the listen-along Spotify playlist


5 Seconds of Summer – Easier

It took approximaley 0.5 seconds after the vocals kicked in to suss that this was a Charlie Puth co-write. I get that Luke Hemmings and Charles Puth Jr have a similar vocal style/range but like… maybe try to be make it a little more subtle? Anyway, Easier is short n catchy, has a good guitar line and if you like 5SOS or Puth to any level then this is a nice mix of both of em.



Better Off On My Own

Charlotte OC – Better off on My Own

Definite early Emeli Sandé My Kind Of Love vibes here. It’s very straightforward and very effective story telling that is wrenching at my heart more than a little. A singable crescendo-of-quiet-power kinda song, and, interestingly, co-written by Noah and the Whale’s Fred Abbott.



Cross Me (feat. Chance the Rapper & PnB Rock) [Explicit]

Ed Sheeran – Cross Me (feat Chance the Rapper & PnB Rock)

The best thing, in my opinion, that Ed Sheeran can do in this upcoming collaboration album of his is make himself as indistinct as possible so that we’ll be able to endure it for the months and months we will be hearing each and every track, and he definitely does that here, to the point that every time it came on I was like ‘is that definitely him?’ Something about the backing to this song is so so similar to The Weeknd’s Pray For Me, it honestly feels like a straight lift? But I liked it then and I like it now. This is the kind of sadpop rap-feature song that has been reigning at the top of the charts in America on and off for the last decade it seems via the likes of Abel Makkonen Tesfaye and Austin Richard Post. Look forward to hearing this all summer.



If I Don't

Hayley Orrantia – If I Don’t

Everything from the melody to the whispery vocals in the verse has me inches from tears and I can’t bear to listen to it again right now to say anything else. Heartbreaking.



Then What [Explicit]

Illy – Then What

A playful track about the pressures of keeping the consumer’s attention of putting something out, the brief period of people being like “nice” then looking at you like “and what else you got?” five seconds later like give me a breeeakk. A real big mood.



One Touch

Jess Glynne + Jax Jones – One Touch

I really need to mute the phrase ‘Jess Glynne’ on Twitter because the number of people on there I follow who vehemently and openly despise her is staggering lol. Last summer we had One Kiss, this summer it’s going to be all about that One Touch and I’m all about this happy little bop that sounds like every other Jess Glynne song you’ve ever heard (you have to give it to her on consistency). Also can you believe that Glynne is joint second in artists with the most UK number ones in the past decade?



i love you, i love you

JUNG – i love you, i love you

A synthy heartbreaking dreampop anthem that deserves to decimate your eardrums through good quality headphones as all the tears you have left vacate your face. Truly beautifully fucking sad.



Wish You Well

Sigala + Becky Hill – Wish You Well

Do you ever hear little bits in songs for the first time that have you breathless? The pre-chorus where Hill sings: “‘Cause honestly, your loyalties, insecurities/ And priorities ain’t the same/The harmony, it’s the only thing I can save” had me floored. The flow in her delivery there is just… I can’t get enough. The sheer power that emanates throughout this song is unstoppable.



Like I Love You

Theresa Rex – Like I Love You

A truly terrible time to be called Theresa and releasing a song. I can only imagine this got completely lost in among the “it’s impossible not to feel sorry for her” memes, but let me tell you that this is a very worthy pop song. I do feel a little like I’ve heard this in fifty different iterations in the past year and some of the choices around the pre-chorus and the drop in the chorus are a tiny bit predictable but y’know what I’m not sick of these things just yet so by all means.




Wiktoria – OMG

As she asked over and over “Do you love me, you love me, you love me, you love me, You love me, you love me, you love me, you love me or not?” with every passing chorus I just thought ‘yes Wiktoria, I think I do.’ Pure pop power.



Friend Like Me

Will Smith + DJ Khaled – Friend Like Me (End Title)

I have absolutley no desire to see the new live action Aladdin (or any quote unquote live action disney film), but this Will Smith and DJ Khaled collab is everything you would expect and everything you have ever wanted.


What songs did you like this week?

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