Iainsights Charts: August 2019

It’s Sunday night around 7pm, you know what that means! The new number one single is about to be announced on the definitive music chart: the Iainsights one, by me, showing only exclusively what I’ve been listening to, which should basically be your bible when it comes to what songs are the best ones going right now. (Which you’ll need because my blog won’t be coming til Tuesday this week I am afraid.)

It’s been an good month for new music, given that I’m pretty sure there’s been a complete overhaul in the op 20 since that last chart update 31 days ago. A lot of new faces, some familiar ones, and one very random outlier which will be explained below!


Position Track Artist
#1 Motivation Normani
#2 How Do You Sleep? – Acoustic Sam Smith
#3 SICK CXLOE + Gnash
#4 Jinny Bingham’s Ghost Frank Turner
#5 Waste My Time Grace Vanderwaal
#6 Maybe This Time Liza Minnnelli
#7 Mama Ella Eyre, Banx & Ranx + Kiana Ledé
#8 Charlie Mallrat
#9 Rooting For You Alessia Cara
#10 Not Over You Conor Maynad
#11 Selfish Love (feat. Kamille) Mabel
#12 Boyfriend (with Social House) Ariana Grande
#13 RAIN Ben Platt
#15 Don’t Call Me Up Mabel
#16 Teeth 5 Seconds of Summer
#17 Freaking Me Out Ava Max
#18 OMG (With Carly Rae Jepson) Gryffin
#19 Small Talk Katy Perry
#20 Go Somewhere KREAM + RANI

There she is, the woman of the moment, Normani coming in hot at number one with Motivation. An incredible song with an incredible video and a very memorable VMA performance. Deserved.

A surprise number two in the form of Sam Smith’s acoustic version of How Do You Sleep? which basically has Smith doing as he always does: getting rid of the synths n whatever for a nice stripped back version which is much more palatable on the ears. Massive improvement.

Other notable chartees are: Mabel, who I am massively late to, Ben Platt with one of the year’s finest uplifting power-ballads, and Liza Minnelli because I’m still not over lil Stevie Budd’s rendition of Maybe This Time from Schitt’s Creek.


Position Artist
#1 Normani
#2 Jonas Brothers
#3 Lewis Capaldi
#4 Mabel
#5 Sam Smith
#6 Taylor Swift
#7 Ed Sheeran
#9 Conor Maynard
#10 Panic! At the Disco

There she is again, Normani, completely carried by the stick-it-on-repeat Motivation, trailed by the Jonas Brothers whose album I still spin on the regular, the Scottish Adele coming in third, Mabel showing her chops in at number four, and right down at number 10 are Panic! at the Disco, revealing that I am indeed still a teen on the inside.

That’s it folks, see you again next month for the next definitive Iainsights chart!

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