New Music Mondays #42-43: Back to Berlin

Hello and welcome to a delayed double double service bringing you absolutely loads of new song recommendations that you should immediately stop what you are doing, grab a pair of headphones, go for a walk/run/drive/cycle/lie down, and listen to.

Also, I saw Call Me Loop in Glasgow last night, who was truly exceptional and the small crowd did not put her off putting on an amazing show.  It was kinda like watching a one-woman girlband, part Little Mix part Girls Aloud with a tiny bit of Alanis Morisette thrown in. Get in here on the ground floor with her if you haven’t already checked her out.

Anyway, it was a long longlist of tracks I had to cut down and I kinda ran out of time, so I’ve not really given these 23 songs as much listening time or as many words as I would have liked but what can you do eh?

Here’s the link for the Spotify Playlist

Happy listening!


Nothing Can Compare

Agnes – Nothing Can Compare

The production on this is a bit Sam Smith 2014, with a touch of Whitney Houston. It’s very easy, very danceable, an all round solid soul-pop song. Agnes, of Release Me fame, has a whole new EP and this is the title track, so if it’s your thing then maybe go check that out.

Best bit: around 2.30 when Agnes goes all out on those vocals



Dear Winter 2.0 [Explicit]

AJR – Dear Winter 2.0

I like AJR and their alt storytelling style. This is a new cut from their album which came out earlier this year, production has been slightly amped up, but it doesn’t take away from the gentleness of the song. It’s a light acousticy track where the singer is dreaming about their future child, the titular Winter, and his hopes about having a good relationship with his child. Very wholesome.

Best bit: it’s just a nice song concept, you know?


Back to Berlin

Alice Merton – Back to Berlin

I saw Alice Merton back in March and I reckon she’ll be the best person I see all year – no shade to anyone else, it was just above and beyond expectations, an excellent showman banging out hit after hit. I remember her playing Back to Berlin, which has just been released in the album’s extended version, during a sadder moment of the set: it’s a ballad in part about not really having a home in this world and in part about regretting how she treated someone and it’s delivered with an orchestral build that really hammers home the emotion of her words. Emotional and quiet and powerful all at once.

Best bit: that gentle finish


Space Cadet [Explicit]

beabadoobee – Space Cadet

This is so gentle and cute and celestial and has me feeling warm n fuzzy.

Best bit: “feeling shit again” is such a good opener of lyric


Run Away

Ben Platt – Run Away

The Politician is one of my favourite shows of the year, and Ben Platt is central to that. Sure, Run Away came out a while back on his debut album but it’s been repackaged in a lil EP after being featured in the show, so imma give it a lil boost. A beautiful piano ballad and if you haven’t seen it, all eight episodes also starrting Zoey Deutch, Gwynth Paltrow and Jessica Lange, are on Netflix just waiting for you.

Best bit: Cannot get enough of Ben Platt’s voice


Image result for blinkie must be love"

Blinkie – Must Be Love (feat. Celina Sharma)

One new song for your gym/running mix full of euphoric dance beats and big vocals.

Best bit: Sharma sounds v good in the verses, that melody is so sharp



Conan Gray – Maniac

Maniac is a solid indie-pop song, full of easy lyrics, a simple and effective melody in the chorus – you’ve heard loads like this before but it’ll still get you in that good-feeling spot that it is important to keep pressing.

Best bit: The chorus is super satisfying


Like You Say You Do

Gabrielle Aplin – Like You Say You Do

Selena Gomez may have put out two new songs this week, but this is the only Selena Gomez sounding song that made it onto this new music round up. Pop perfection.

Best bit: the bicycle bell that keeps dinging.


Image result for Galantis faith"

Galantis – Faith (with Dolly Parton) [feat. Mr Probz]

Galantis are always good for a feel good song, and even though their tracks are always peppered with those signature synthetic steel drum sounds which may or may not work to the benefit of the song’s overall sound, but bringing Dolly Parton onboard and giving her vocals to this slightly-lazy hook is more than was needed to bring me on board.

Best bit: Dolly Parton by a country mile


Image result for fired up grace carter"

Grace Carter – Fired Up

The jury is still out on whether I actually like Carter’s vocal tone or not, but this is a slow jam with a nice hook and a cool guitar backing.

Best bit: the chorus is real dreamy


Body Back

Gryffin – Body Back (feat. Maya Wright)

Upbeat dance banger, v good song 1 of 2 from Gryffin this fortnight.

Best bit: “Middle finger to the sky”


Body Back

Gryffin + Seven Lions – Need Your Love (with Noah Kahan)

Slowjam dance track, v good song 2 of 2 from Gryffin this fortnight.

Best bit: I really like Noah Kahan’s voice



Kanye West – Follow God

I listened to most of the new Jesus is King record and this was the most formidable track for me: short, good flow, Kanye being Kanye.

Best bit: the way her says”Christ like”


Raising Hell [Explicit]

Kesha – Raising Hell (feat. Big Freedia)

An upbeat banger from Kesha brimming with big vocals, soul, and every instrument available? Count me in.

Best bit: You know I’m a sucker for a good bridge


Somebody Out There

Lost Kings – Somebody Out There (feat. Marc E. Bassy)

Lost Kings are killing it with their run of singles at the moment, and Somebody Out There is just another bulls-eye. If The Weeknd did songs a little more of this ilk, well, they’d probably come out like this.

Best bit: what a good hook, eh?



MOODY – Leave

Pop girls doin what they do best: putting out catchy as hell pop tunes. A lil bit Carly Rae, a lil bit Robyn, you know the drill. Get it spun.

Bets bit: I know that it’s not super relevant to the song, but MOODY’s aesthetic is cool af


Mad At You

Navvy – Mad At You

Left of centre pop that is immediately memorable and you can dance and also maybe have a wee cry to.

Best bit: they’re good pop songs, brent


Sometimes [Explicit]

NEIKED, KES KROSS + Jackson Penn – Sometimes

This is chill, full of cliché ‘i just wanna get high’ lyrics, but that brass section that surrounds the back end of the chorus is so good.

Best bit: give it up for the brass section


Die Young

Sheppard – Die Young

Euphoric indie edm pop. It’s a song called Die Young, I mean what do you expect? A bit Coldplay a bit Avicii.

Best bit: those violins tho


Codeine Crush

The Blizzards – Codeine Crush

A happy indie-rock banger that samples that kid who is super out of it after going to the dentist to get his tooth removed, filled with oohing and easy guitar bits – what more could you want?

Best bit: what an inspired choice of sample



Tom Aspaul – Traces

Dreamy, dancy electropop from one of the loveliest vocals around. Big love for Tom Aspaul now and always. Lots of nice lil synthy and vocal-distortion bits to this.

Best bit: the slow bit in that transitional bridge section


So Easy [Explicit]

Triple One, Matt Corby + Kwame – So Easy

So breezy, so easy, the little touches that Corby puts in have me swooning and then when he gets his verse it’s so, so good.

Best bit: Always and forever Matt Corby


What You Want

Zuzu – What You Want

I’m fully obsessed with the artwork for this, it’s so in my face and it’s pretty much all I’ve been thinking about since I first saw it. The song is pretty good to, but just, look at it?!

Best bit: The artwork


What songs did you like this week?

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