New Music Mondays #51: Flight Path

It’s time to stop listening to Mariah Carey for 23 minutes and give eight new non-festive songs a listen. I’m currently running about getting last minute things ready so I’ll keep it brief, but please do listen to all of these excellent songs!

Click here for the Spotify Playlist


Image result for spotify cecily red flags

Cecily – Red Flags

Cecily is now three for three on excellent pop songs. This is the most relaxed of her debuts, but there’s click an claps, her voice is so distinctive and she’s still channeling that lullaby-quality to her tunes.

Best bit: the sing-song bridge



Image result for spotify dalton harris cry

Dalton Harris – Cry

X-Factor winner from last year Dalton Harris has put out a smoky, vocally charged R&B number. It’s slick and he sounds incredible.

Best bit: His upper-ranged vocals



Image result for spotify dojo cuts you're unforgettable

Dojo Cuts – You’re Unforgettable

Cheerful modern soul, think Duffy or Gabriella Cilmi. Infectious and charming.

Best bit: those soul-styled instrumentals



Image result for spotify e^st flight path


E^ST yet again brings some light pop music with thoughtful lyrics and cool vocal layering. An excellent road trip song.

Best bit: when she turns it up for the chorus



Image result for spotify hot shade dive

Hot Shade + Mike Perry + Chris James – Dive

Mindlessly charming EDM-folk-pop. Enjoayble fodder.

Bet bit: Chris James’ vocal



Image result for spotify kenzie motives

kenzie – MOTIVES

A hardened pop tune. Method but satisfying.

Best bit: layers upon layers of vocals



Image result for spotify laura white nobody

Laura White – Nobody

Another X-Factor alum – Laura White who was kicked off the week Diana Vickers got her pass – and she sounds husky and vocally empowered on this big ballad.

Best bit: the grit in her voice



Image result for spotify olivia rodrigo out of the old

Olivia Roderigo – Out of the Old

Did you know there’s a Disney+ show about the fictional school from High School Musical staging their own production of High School Musical? Well this is from that and it’s everything you could hope.

Best bit: how triumphant it feels


What songs did you like this week?

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