New Music Mondays #52: Stuck In My Ways

Here we are: the final New Music Mondays of 2019. Thank any an all of you who have tuned into to my weekly ramblings about new songs that I like over that past year, I appreciate every single click that has come my way.

This might be getting lost amid my songs of the year and songs of the decade roundups that will be pinging out soon, but for posterity I need to get this out and round out a (near) perfect year of posting. I’m planning to do a little reinvention in the new year – not in format, just in branding, you’ll see next Monday.

There were only a handful of new songs out last week, everyone saving themselves for the new decade it seems (I’m talking to you, new Justin Bieber) but I’ve managed to scrape together six little songs for you that I listened to on a loop when I went on my annual get-whatever-is-left-in-the-sales shopping trip over the weekend. I’ll keep it short!

Here’s the Spotify Playlist

Alone, Pt. II

Alan Walker + Ava Max – Alone, Pt II

I can’t attest to listening to part one, but Pt II is a good time. It’s a high energy affair, there are some good builds from the string section, and Max actually sounds pretty good.

Best bit: The prechorus



Ayelle – Okay

This is a little bit Billie Eilish, isn’t it? Those breathy tones, the flipped on itself chorus, the subject of “It’s ok not to be ok” is a bit moody and a bit cool.

Best bit: the frequently repeated song-title


The Git Up (feat. Ciara) [Remix]

Blanco Brown – The Git Up (feat. Ciara)

I didn’t really latch onto the original The Git Up because Old Town Road had a monopoly on the trap country market, so who better than Ciara to give it a little refresh. Excuse me whilst I go learn a new dance.

Best Bit: The “Giddy up”s


Stuck In My Ways [Explicit]

Chris Webby – Stuck In My Ways

Stuck In My Ways is a long and slow rap tune, and over that course of 5 minutes that titular hook will really get in you brain, I promise you.

Best bit: The bridge that comes about 3 minutes in


Behind the Light

Joshua Hyslop – Behind the Light

Light fast-fingered acoustic guitar tune by a pretty sounding boy.

Best bit: the gentle rasp of Hyslop’s vocal


Keep Going

Syn Cole – Keep Goin

A little bit milky chance sounding and a perfect, comforting song to end the year on.

Best bit: those clicks


What songs did you like this week?

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