Songs You Should Hear: Call Me Loop, Emily Burns, Pitbull and more

I’ve got my monthly deadline looming  over me so I’m short on both time and words this week, so here they are – the ten new songs that are worth your attention this week.


The 1975 – The Birthday Party

The thing I respect most about The 1975 is that they seem to make whatever music they want and don’t always stick to one specific ‘all-defining’ sound – which admittedly has meant that I haven’t really cared much about their last few releases, but also means that I will always give them a courtesy listen because sometimes you get soft, beautiful, glittery pop songs like The Birthday Party. A sweet and gentle song.

For fans of: joan, The Japanese House


Call Me Loop – Downhill From Here

Seeing Call Me Loop live last October turned me from a low-key fan of her girlband-evoking pop hooks into a die-hard ‘I cannot believe people aren’t supporting her’ fanboy. The gig was a weird one because there were less than 20 of us watching this one-woman powerhouse performing high-octane pop bangers in an attic bar venue, but she definitely didn’t let that stop her. During the gig she played three new songs and at the end gave us a slip of paper to vote for which of them should be her new single – and whilst all of them were great, Downhill From Here was my favourite, so I’m ecstatic to hear the studio version. Much like most her other tunes, it’s an upbeat pop banger with an infectious hook that sounds like Girls Aloud reincarnate. Just the best.

For fans of: Girls Aloud, Little Mix, Maren Morris


Emily Burns – Hello

If I had more time and mental stamina in my life I’d write a 4000 word piece about why I fucking love Emily Burns, but the short version of that is that she writes 10/10 post-break-up pop songs every time she puts pen to paper, and Hello is but another string to her already overpowered bow. Support Emily Burns 2020.

For fans of: anyone, everyone, Emily Burns appeals to all


Greyson Chance – Dancing Next To Me

D’you remember that child that Ellen propelled to then-fame when he covered Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi, went viral, and became the first ever artist signed to her newly created record label eleveneleven? Turns out he now creates 80s/Carly Rae Jepson-inspired sadpop bangers. Dancing Next To Me is his latest song and it’s  very, very good.

For fans of: Troye Sivan, Carly Rae Jepsen, Tim Chadwick


Lauren Aquilina – Bad People

After a string of threats of uncouth behaviour, Aquilina reveals the knife in her back from a past lover who taught her that ‘bad people win’. Bad People is a soft, very singable, piano-driven fuck-you ballad.

For fans of: Billie Eilish, Gabrielle Aplin, Orla Gartland


Maggie Miles – WHATDOISAY?

I don’t know who Maggie Miles sounds similar to and it’s killing me – maybe Sigird? Anyway, this is a good pop song, you should definitely, definitely listen to it. One to watch I reckon.

For fans of: Sigrid, Maggie Rogers, Kacey Musgraves


Mt. Joy – Strangers

The little piano refrain in this sounds a lot like one that’s present in a big EDM tune I can’t put my finger on. A solid alt-rock tune with a nice vocal and some very satisfying album artwork.

For fans of: Kodaline, Tom Odell, Avicii


Ozzy Osbourne – It’s A Raid (feat. Post Malone)

Put this in the longlist for this week out of curiosity and I actually really like it? Don’t know what’s wrong with me, maybe I’ve not heard a ‘rock’ song in a while, but the instrumental is regressing me to being a teen and listening to Greenday’s American Idiot and feeling like I was hardcore. Also, is this actually Post Malone? I didn’t know he had a bit of range?

For fans of: Green Day, rock music I guess?


Pitbull – Get Ready (feat. Blake Shelton & Joe Perry)

Pitbull is just the safest pair of hands for a nonsensical good-time song. Get Ready borrows the hook from Black Betty and put his signature Mr Worldwide Latin-pop flare, harking on about big bootys and has enlisted sexiest man alive 2017 Blake Shelton and Aerosmith’s Joe Perry to support him in this ridiculous feelgood 2.17 minutes explosion of euphoria.

For fans of: having fun


Selena Gomez – Feel Me 

Selena Gomez has done the unthinkable and given the fans what they want be releasing this previously unreleased song she played on a tour back in 2016, when she was at the height of her musical fame, and unsurprisingly it has eclipsed just about everything on her recent Rare album. An excellent pop song that proves that sometimes you should listen to your fans.

For fans of: Pop music, which has once again been saved

What songs did you like this week?

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