Songs You Should Hear: Violet Skies, Alessia Cara, Rina Sawayama and more…

I saw something from Spotify which noted the change in people’s listening habits away from high energy, club friendly music to something a bit more chilled out – which unusually sombre releases on Friday can attest to. Whether this is indicative of people struggling to engage properly with sweat-inducing upbeat-bangers or if its just a consequence of everyone working from home and needing a bit of inoffensive background noise, or both, I wonder how this will impact some of the releases in the coming month – if they get released at all. My money is on a lot more TikTok-challenge-inducing bedroom-produced trap-pop than we’ve already been subjected to (see: this new Drake song I couldn’t get the whole way through).

I’m feeling a bit world-weary (aren’t we all?) and it felt like fishing for old pennies in a mud puddle searching for new songs from the playlists this week. Not being able to go for a walk with my headphones on blasting the latest potential hits has really taken its toll on enjoyment levels, but we must make do I suppose.

Here are the songs, and here is the Spotify playlist for you who cannot endure my lacklustre words on them.

Alessia Cara – I Choose

Cara just has one of those easy to listen to voices, and whilst I can’t for the life of me figure out what yesteryear pop song this reminds me of, I could very easy listen to I Choose on a loop without batting an eye. The song is for a new Netflix animated film called The Willoughbys which is out later this month with voice acting from Maya Rudolph, Terry Crews and Cara herself.


Kygo + Sasha Sloan – I’ll Wait

This Kygo EDM tune is a direct rip off of the Jonas Brothers’ Rollercoaster and Mark Ronson’s Nothing Breaks Like a Heart but then again all these EDM songs sound a bit like one another. Satisfying thrums and lyrics about long distance relationships will feel poignant for way too many people right now.


Loote – Somebody Else

Pretty sure we’ve heard this exact song from Loote before, but if you’re now reading this thinking ‘who the eff are Loote?’ then maybe give sadboi-pop-by-numbers-song a go.


LOVA – Own Worst Enemy

This is really just another pop song you’ve heard before, but there are some good lyrics which elevate it just that wee bit, such as “I studied hard in school to always get those B’s and C’s/Even though the doctor told me I got ADD” and “You think I’m vanilla/I think I’m a killer/I think I’m Godzilla/King Kong gorilla, ah-oh, ah-oh”. Worth a spin if you ask me.


Olivia Rodrigo + Joshua Bassett – I Think I Kinda, You Know – Just for a Moment Mashup

We did it. We hit peak parody. A show that is a (fantastic you should all watch it) combination of Glee and High School Musical has released a mash up of their two best songs. The issue I’d had with both I Think I Kinda You Know and Just For A Moment is that the original latter was too short and the former overlong, so they’ve done me a personal service and put them in the paint mixer to give the best of both worlds. Get Disney Plus’ free trial for this show, if nothing else.


Rina Sawayama – Chosen Family

Accidentally omitted Sawayama’s XS from the March Top 20 list so go give that one a spin, but not until you’ve listened to this gorgeous on the nose ballad from the Japanese-born future pop icon about what it means to be Queer, which sounds a bit like that Jessie J song from Pitch Perfect 2, and has been released ahead of her  her album.


Violet Skies – Lonely

There are a lot of perfect things about this piano-led break up song, but I just think its socially irresponsible to have released such a devastatingly good hook about being lonely when so many of us locked inside with little more than our own thoughts for company. Fuck you Violet Skies, I love this song so fucking much it hurts.


Young Bombs + Robinson – High Road

It’s an EDM song that’s not totally unlike the Kygo one up above – you know the kind – and Robinson lends her talents here which is always welcome. Fodder, filler, or future hit, it could be any of them really, and for me it will fill worn out spot on my running playlist.

What songs did you like this week?

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