Songs You Should Hear: Kiesza, Purple Disco Machine, Twenty One Pilots, and more

That bank holiday was the first proper ‘you-have-no-good-reason-to-contact-me-so-I’ve-switched-off ‘holiday’ I’ve had since Christmas and it felt so good to just unwind for four days without interruption. Which, to the relevance of this blog, has reduced the amount of time I’ve paid to this week’s new releases in favour of this book, this audiobook, this podcast and a ton of classic movies on Disney Plus including this. I’m going to be a bit short on words this week, not sure if it’s the weather but everything feels a bit muggy and desperate and positive words are in short supply. As per, I have lovingly selected 11 new songs for you to listen to which I think are collectively worth 35 minutes of your time. Check them out out below!

Click here for the Spotify Playlist

The Aces – Lost Angeles

Thoroughly enjoyed Daydream a couple weeks back and now thoroughly enjoying the more-than-a-bit-MUNA-sounding Lost Angeles from one of the best girl bands going at the moment. Think if 5SOS were an impressively talented bunch of girls. Desperately catchy.


Charlotte OC – Falling For You

Something about this song makes me feel like I’m running on a treadmill that’s trapped in some kind of glass case and the oxygen is running out, but in a good way… you know what I mean? The bit where OC reaches for the higher notes and her voice rasps out is excellent.


Kiesza – Crave

A reminder that Carly Rae Jepsen’s 80’s-renewing emotion is the mastermind behind all the good pop songs we all like now.  A nostalgic, drum-filled Whitney-evoking banger from pop’s most un-spellable name.


Maddie & Tae – I Don’t Need To Know

If you like light country pop ballads with quavery, warbly guitar twangs, heart-wrenching harmonies, and a hook that will surely be in your head for the next seven aeons, then I have found the perfect song for you.


Maia Wright – View

If anyone at Radio One gets a hold of this you can be sure it will be the only thing you hear for about seventeen years. A dancy easy-banger that samples the hook from this Jax Jones song, is good for summer, but massively inappropriate for the wider population unable to glimpse sunlight without getting a £60 fine.


MarthaGunn – It’s Over



Mia Rodriguez – Psycho

If you can get through this fun, catchy little pop tune without internally singing “lets have some fun this beat is sick/I wanna take a ride on your disco stick” then I will give you a tenner.


Pink Sweat$ – Ride with Me

This is just fun and upbeat what more is there to say or to ask for right now?


Purple Disco Machine + Sophie And The Giants – Hypnotized

Thank you Peter Robinson for highlighting this slowbanger. Very easy to put on a loop for hours and hours. A perfect vocal feature.


Ryan McMullan – Outcry

Some really pretty guitars accompanied by some really pretty singing. It’s a bit Westlife/Daughtry/The Script if we’re being honest with ourselves, but there’s not anything wrong with that at the end of the day. Listen to the whole EP, it’s quite good if you’re into that sort of thing.


Twenty One Pilots – Level of Concern

Who would have thought that all we needed to get a good new song out of Twenty One Pilots (after that difficult-to-endure last album) was to keep them apart? This is the only isolation-inspired song we’re going to allow, anything which falls below this catchy, dancy, downbeat bar is not worth the time of day.

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What songs did you like this week?

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