Songs You Should Hear: April Top 20

Hundreds of new songs and albums and whatnot came out in April and you probably only listened to a handful of them, so we’ve done the leg work for you and picked out the Top 20 songs that were released throughout the month – in accordance with the new music Friday tradition, that actually means songs that came out between 31 March and 24 April, and anything that came out on 25 April and beyond will feature in the May roundup.

We didn’t manage to listen to all the new songs and album we’d have liked to (sorry Fiona Apple), but we got through a hefty amount of the notable ones in the Pop category at least, so we like to think of this as definitive because we believe ourselves to have good opinions but it is, of course, very subjective. (Spoiler: It’s ballad heavy at the bottom end and banger heavy at the top.)

Here they are, Songs You Should Hear: April Top 20

20. Anson Seabra – Emerald Eyes

Just what you wanted: a sleepy, sweetly sung ballad to kick off.

19. Tiesto + Becky Hill – Nothing Really Matters

A banger from our favourite club-tune singer Becky Hill and our favourite DJ Tiesto? Don’t mind if you do.

18. Kygo + Sasha Sloan – I’ll Wait

Can’t help but feel this is every wistfully-intended EDM tune ever, but we love those, don’t we?

17. MarthGunn – It’s Over

If you like HAIM, MUNA and their contemporaries (of course you do, they’re excellent) then this will do just the trick.

16. Maddie & Tae – I Don’t Need To Know

Now, I know country probably isn’t your genre of choice, but this is a really catchy tune one we think  you’ll really enjoy.

15. Cheat Codes – On My Life

If you take the crux of a gospel song and flip it on its head into a soft, sadboi EDM tune then it actually sounds quite good – as Cheat Codes prove here.

14. Alaina Castillo – pass you by

There’s a version of Can’t Help Falling In Love which this really reminds us of. A gentle acoustic ballad to help while away the lockdown day.

13. 1010 Benja SL – Dobby

Not about that lovable scamp from Harry Potter, but another soft acoustic-guitar ballad with a hook that’ll creep up on you.

12. Eve Belle – Begging for Rain

We’ve had this very listenable tune on repeat for about a week now – get it on a loop, you’ll see why.

11. Violet Skies – Lonely

If you’re feeling lonely then this song isn’t for you because you’ll be crying by the first chorus.

10. Sam Smith – I’m Ready (with Demi Lovato)

Still can’t tell if this is brilliant or awful – there’s no rule to say it can’t be both, right?

09. Evanescence – Wasted on You

Did you know your favourite emo balladeers are back with a new tune after almost a decade away? It’s bloody huge and you’ll probably be cracking out that black nail polish before you get to the key change.

08. Cher Lloyd – Lost

We’re still disappointed that Cher Lloyd hasn’t released a self-titled song, but this trap-pop tune is pretty good – can you believe it’s almost been ten years since she was on X-Factor and causing a ruckus by secretly dating dad-to-be Zayn Malik?

07. Twenty One Pilots – Level of Concern

Kudos to Twenty One Pilots for managing to put together their best song in ages when they’re not allowed to be in the same room. A lockdown inspired disco-pop tune.

06. Rina Sawayama – Chosen Family

If you’re not listening to Sawayama at this point, then you’re wasting your own time. Chosen Family is one of many excellent tunes from her big debut album. Get on it.

05. Kiesza – Crave

We made a bold call by likening this to something Whitney Houston would have done, and it turns out we are willing to die on that hill because it’s an 80s-inspired banger.

04. Purple Disco Machine + Sophie and the Giants – Hypnotized

A song that does what it says on the tin. The chorus will really creep up on you.

03. The 1975 – If You’re Too Shy (Let Me Know)

A big tune with a screamable chorus from one of the most polarising bands in the world who are back on form ahead of their new album.

02. Fiona Apple – Shameika

We’ve not gotten around to listening to the perfect 10 new album from one of the most interesting people in music because our new headphones only arrived the other day, but Shameika is bloody brilliant and we can’t wait to wrap our ears around rest of it.

01. Jack Garratt – Better

Name a better song. Sorry, incorrect, there isn’t one. Get the volume up to 100 and then some.

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