Songs You Should Hear: Dagny, Todrick Hall, Machine Gun Kelly and more

I got some new headphones last week which have the function of making any song sound like (among other things) it’s being played in a stadium, which after turning on I then forgot to turn off, and it has really warped my entire listening experience over the past few days. I cannot wait for the day when we are able to go and see live music again.

Housekeeping things: I have a new logo which is a bit less shit than the old one, and ICYMI, I helpfully chose the 20 best songs that came out in April and put them into a new post right here.

There are 11 new/rehashed songs this week for your consideration, Spotify playlist for them can be found here, and the words and videos for them can be found below. Happy listening!

Bree Runway – Damn Daniel (with Yung Baby Tate)

These quarantine-made videos are really testing me… but here the low quality and choppy green screening definitely goes to affect – there are some really nice 80s hip-hop influences (think Salt N Pepa), an excellently delivered, juvenile feeling verse from Tate (what’s up, it’s Felicia, hi/boys tryna holla and I tell them, bye) and a final, unexpectedly pop-y thirty seconds. Nice.


Dagny – Somebody

I was walking around listening to this thinking how perfect this sad-disco genre is and how it’s the one genre I cannot get tired of. Tapping into both your emotions and your wont to have a bit of a dance is the perfect storm, and Dagny has absolutely nailed in with the sad-euphoria that is Somebody. A perfect song.


Gabby Barrett – I Hope – feat. Charlie Puth

The original version of this song actually came out and has eclipsed the million-streaming mark sixty-seven times over, but did I hear it then? No, I did not. But thanks to a Charlie Puth featuring remix, the choppy Spotify algorithms submitted this into my release radar three weeks after it’s release and I may be late to this party, but I would still like to be guest-listed. I Hope is your classic jaded-country pop-ballad directed at an ex-partner that cheated on them and wishes them the worst in their next relationship. It definitely grows with every subsequent listen and with a definitively catchy chorus, it’s easy to see why Puth hopped on it. Will is break into the UK charts? Probably not – but if any country song deserves to, it’s probably this one.


Kodaline – Saving Grace

Kodaline are good for big lighters-in-the-air comfort-food songs, and Saving Grace is yet another one of these for their arsenal. The vocal choir and hook make this feel more than a bit Christian-rock, but I am a strong advocate of well-orchestrated melodic simplicity, big choruses, and a clap-along finish, which this delivers in spades. The perfect song for my new headphones’ arena-sound function.


Machine Gun Kelly – Bloody Valentine

I’ve been out of touch with the emo-punk for about.. well, I was never really in touch with it, I more just heard a lot of it in the soundtrack for One Tree Hill – and this from MGK is a roaring, high octane reminder of why it was(/is?) such a hugely popular genre. Pure power.


Marshmello – Be Kind (with Halsey)

A gentle banger from one of pop’s best DJs and one of it’s most exciting singers. Marshmello’s songs feel like inevitable hits at this point,  and I won’t be surprised to song with it’s familiar-feeling hook reigning in top tens around the world for months.



Needtobreathe are one of my all time favourite bands. They do that anthemic-rock thing that Kodaline, Walking on Cars, and Coldplay do, but their biggest asset is singer Bear Reinhart whose gritty vocal gets me every single time. Hang On is there first proper single in about four years and Bear sounds divine. What I wouldn’t give for live music to be reinstated and witness this live with my own eyes and ears and heart.


Sea Girls – Do You Really Wanna Know?

Indie rock is so often bland and forgettable, but there’s something about Sea Girls that just gets it a bit more right than the rest of them, you know? This one is very by-the-numbers, a bit Noah and the Whale, and I really like it. Feeling 14, innocent, and full of hope again.


Tenacious D – 5 Needs

You can forgive me for not knowing that this originally came out about 8 years ago because it feels so timely – a short piece of musical satire about our five basic needs (important reminder in this time and place) and number five is for Jack Black and Kyle Glass to rock our world. A good time to give it an official release and a reminder that Jack Black is one of the good ones.


Todrick Hall – Rent/TikTok

Songs about quarantine that are introspective and there to remind you were in this together? Pass. Songs about quarantine that are fun and offer a gallon of communal escapism? Absolutely. Todrick Hall released an EP called Quarantine Queen full of tongue-in-cheek bangers, the best of which are Rent, a fuck you song to all the landlords who are being heartless bastards to their struggling tenants, and TikTok, a song about becoming internet famous during the lockdown. Lockdown time well spent.

What songs did you like this week?

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