the friday 5 at 5 to 5 #32-40

hello!!! it has been a while hasn’t it? if you are a consistent reader of my blog and find it useful etc. then i apologise for disappearing and not rounding up the latest new songs both good and bad, i’ve been super busy with holidays, seeing things at the fringe, moving house, work and a bunch of other stuff that took priority, but here i am, back again, about to blitz through everything i’ve missed. in the spirit of saving time i’m just going to focus on the songs that i like and skip over the ones that i didn’t or you and i will be here all dang day, and then i’ll be back on track for next week!

if i had to pick one pop culture moment to mention since i was last here, it would have to be ariana’s performance of god is a woman which if you haven’t experienced, please do so. what an gifted, talented, strong angel.

anyway, here are 126 songs (7 hours of music) i liked for some reason or another!! and if you scroll to the bottom of each week’s section i’ve picked out my essential favs because there are a lot to go through and i don’t expect anybody to commit to this listening slog like i did, hell i’ll be shocked if anyone reads these 7000 words, i maintain that the main purpose for this is me to find new music and to practice writing about it, but if you do read it end to end then bless you, you are a saint. oh, and there was no way i was going to source all 130 or so images of album artwork, so i’ve just gotten them for my “song of the week” in each segment. thank you!!

Follow along with the playlist here

week #32 [from friday 10 august]

anais – no control

i’d be remiss to write anything off by anais since i was a little sketchy on nina by her at the beginning of the year and it became one of my top 3 played songs in 2018 so far. i like how bassy and r&b this is, her voice is so luxurious and it’s just a little bit sexy. into it.


anteros – call your mother

i feel like i’m hearing one of about six vocals in music now which is probably why things are feeling so tired, so this is a surprising and nice lift out of it. it’s not trying to reach any higher than the easy instrumental at the opening, there’s no shrillness or over-affectation and it’s just a really pretty song that I could loop happily without realising. lovely.


the coral – reaching out for a friend

the coral of dreamin of you fame are apparently still making music and you know what this is actually quite nice. it’s light and cheerful and maybe a little dated-sounding, but i’m not mad about it.


elderbrook – capricorn

very dancy, a strong beat, i don’t know when i’ll ever listen to it but i definitely think it’s good.


folly rae – the one

i got distracted during the last song so only started really paying attention to this about 2 mins in but i’ve got a good vibe, the chorus isn’t ground-breaking lyrically but it sounds good so i’ll bite and play it again.


kacey musgraves – kansas city star

i’m around 90% sure that sandy the squirrel performed this with her guitar atop her underwater dome.



The One [Clean]

Folly Rae – The One

week #33 [from friday 17 august]

ava max – sweet but psycho

premise is a bit iffy, can we still call people psychos in 2018? answers on a postcard please.  it’s nice enough, poppy and basic and fun, the chorus is warming. could probably listen to this again. *update* i have listened to again, many many times.


dizzy – bleachers

strong and engaging lyrics, i think the rain coming down outside my window is steering my impression of this melancholy, dreaming croon because it’s so musically fitting. it’s just really gentle and lovely and a little bit poppy and, maybe a little predictably, i like it.


jess glynne – all i am

if you like jess glynne’s music then you will like this. if you don’t, you won’t. it’s more of the same of what she’s been giving since rather be and i for one am still quietly enjoying having some upbeat, feel good songs on my playlists.


marshmello + bastille – happier

i can’t hear the word happier sung without initial connotations of the ed sheeran song of the same name, i’m more than willing for something to reclaim the word from the dreary depths it was dragged too, and i like bastille and marshmello well enough, the verses are decent, but a prevalently-sung chorus is once again sacrificed in favour of some edm instrumentals. i feel like maybe i could come around to it though because dan sounds good, so i’ll give it another spin. a potential inclusion for my running mix.


sam fender – dead boys

**bias alert** i’m a fan of fender and have been for four and a half years and i am going to both of his scottish shows in october (anyone wanna come?) after missing him earlier this year and i’m very excited. sure, a song about male suicide isn’t the kind of thing you might want to engage with in your music listening experience, but credit to him it has been prevalent in his growing up and is obviously an issue close to his heart. lyrics aside it’s the kind of song that is ultimately one big crescendo and i’m here for it. please don’t lump it in with things that liam gallagher stans enjoy because it’s better than that, you are better than that!


sons of raphael – a nation of bloodsuckers

this is the kind of song you’d expect to hear in a film depicting life in the 70s. i don’t have much to say a nation of bloodsuckers but it is very well put together and pleasing to listen to which is as much as you can ask for sometimes.


tim chadwick – tell me that

enjoyable and dancy, a good vocal and not too repetitive.



Sweet but Psycho

Ava Max – Sweet but a Psycho

week #34 [from friday 24 august]

alec benjamin – death of a hero

i love these little fingerpicking plucky guitar parts, love benjamin’s voice a little less, it’s a little whiny, i’m scared to look up how old he is, but if i were fourteen years old i’d be clutching on to this song for dear life.


barns courtney – “99”

i could get behind this in a quiet way that i do with, say, milky chance. it’s above that level of simple competence that this style of pop rock often exists, the vocal is nice, it’s not the most immediately impactful song out there, but there are some fun lyrics in there and i’m on board.


fall out boy – lake effect kid

it is so so nice to hear fall out boy doing something that throwbacks to their earlier stuff. don’t get me wrong, i absolutely love fob pt.ii, but if you’ve been yearning for their garage band era then look no further. nostalgic attractions aside, this song is such a lift and as good a reason as any to get out of bed in the morning. what a wonderful world we live in.


grace carter – why her not me

i still adore carter’s voice, it’s gorgeous, so i was super pleased to see this atop the nmf playlist. i feel like she’s still a couple of singles away from hitting out with that big one that catches the attentions of the masses, but expect this to get a rerelease when her time of prominence comes around. strong sound, forgive me for saying it but it’s very like a good rag n bone man song, soulful, a little devastating, and well worthy of your listening time.


james bay – just for tonight (acoustic)

i don’t remember a lot from james bay’s sophomore album, he’s always been a good acoustic artist though and listening to this is very much like my own first experience of james bay in listening to his all of his pre-first-album eps and it’s just lovely and will be makes me want to revisit electric light to see if i missed anything else for my sad-but-in-a-good-way playlist.


jason derulo, david guetta, nicki minaj + willy william – goodbye

i’m very pleased to hear jason derulo massacaring another ‘classic song’ (like he did with africa by toto on fight for you) into an awful masterpiece. whoever wrote con te paro is probably rolling over in their grave tenfold but i am here living my best life enjoying this frantic musical hell.


kt tunstall – the river

i think i stopped paying to attention, much like everyone else, after suddenly i see  in 2004, but her she is serving us some actually quite good folk-pop-rock music in 2018! it sounds like she’s been listening to a lot of bruce springsteen, there’s a strong scent of his anthemia and style and i’m into it.


logic – the return

there isn’t any kind of hook here for me to remember, but the rapping is really slick and seamless and logic sounds very good so i’d not be mad about hearing this again.


nick jonas jonas + robin schulz – right now

a fun and good time


ralph – weather

this is like a lighter version dua lipa’s excellent lost in your light, tapping into veins adjacent to carly rae jepson’s renaissance and christine and the queens. i feel like it could go either way and i’ll either forget about it or absolutely love it a week from now.



Lake Effect Kid

Fall Out Boy – Lake Effect Kid

week #35 [from friday 31st august]

amos lee – no more darkness, no more light

looking beyond metaphorical reflective surfaces and levels of visibilty of the lyrics, the music for this song is really lovely, easy listening and on that alone i’m into it.


angie macmahon – helpless

i think judging by the artwork for this says “covers” that this might be a cover, but since i don’t know or recognise the original from this interpretation i can’t comment on that, maybe it will be more familiar to you. what i will say, is that mcmahon’s vocal is full of emotion in this acoustic guitar ballad and i’m believing every single chorus ‘helpless’ she sings.


hudson taylor – one in a million

if you missed it, hudson taylor released a good and catchy song called run with me earlier this year. one in a million needs a moment to take off, i had my finger over the skip button for the first minute, and then it delivered a lively and cheerful chorus and let it run out. a nice little indie-pop-rock lift.


lauv – superhero

simple, emotional, slips easily from acoustic into something more edm reminiscent (which i think lauv is known for?). a real pretty song.


nothing but thieves – forever & ever more

i really wanted the chorus on this song to deliver and it doesn’t quite come through like i’d hoped, but the bridge and the final stretch is a hug crescendo of excellent punk-rock music and i loved it.


olivia nelson – never too late

minor gripes about some of the sounds she samples aside, you can really dance and get down to this.


sonny – let you down

you’ve heard that melody a half hundred times, the musical progression is entirely predictable but goddamn this is a song that is full of soul and you can already hear yourself singing along to it.


the struts + kesha – body talks

i love kesha, i have always loved kesha, i will probably always love kesha, this is simple bluesy-rock music and it’s pretty fantastic. listen to this and then go and listen to let em talk and a p p r e c i a t e the phoenix that has risen from the ashes.


tash sultana – cigarettes/mellow marmalade

thank you mahi, if you’re for some reason reading this, for introducing me to tash sultana, i’m forever in your debt. her debut album has dropped and i’ve dared to spin a few songs and i’m unequivocally here for it. both of these songs are bluesy and jazzy and light rocky and just so perfectly performed and executed, the instrumental portions are just excellent. the transition at around 3.30 in cigarettes is fast and funky and mutually-indulgent. mellow marmalade is super intimate and rich and affected but in a good way. i’d totally get if it’s not for you, give it two minutes and if you’re not into it then go and listen harvest love, go and watch the 7 minute video for jungle, and if you’re still not into then i don’t think i’ll ever bring you round. a talent who clearly loves the music she’s making.


troye sivan – plum/lucky strike

do i think troye sivan is worthy from a purely musical standpoint of all the critical lauding he’s getting? if i didn’t know it was from him if have pegged plum as a chainsmokers track. lucky strike is a watered down years and years track. they’re nice enough, i dont get all the fuss, but i think they’re decent enough to warrant listening and maybe you can hear whatever it is that i’m apparently missing. i stand by my belief that you can put as much lyrical quote-unquoute depth and allusion in a song as you like, that doesn’t turn it into a musical masterpiece if it’s still dusted with the musical equivalent of  musical cheese and onion. Still.



Let You Down

Sonny – Let You Down

week #36 [from Friday 7th September]

alice merton – why so serious

this is far more interesting than tom odell duet I kindly skipped over earlier for you. don’t worry, why so serious is much more cheerful than its joker-connotative title, a light and peppy track you might have expected from kiss with a fist era florence and the machine or 1989 era taylor swift.


amber mark + dram – put you on

it’s summer somewhere, and this is very easy listening. i’ll never be able fully to connect with the kind of luxury-brand-dropping lyric which hits early on here, but it’s all just so inoffensive on my ears that i’d let it go by the end. so breezy.


banfi – if not for you

happy happy happy! very sweet indie pop, dance your sixteen year old romance brimming heart out kinda song.


elle king – good thing gone

this is exactly the kind of bluesy female led rock music I yearn for on the daily (thank you alabama shakes) there’s a long and slow build with king’s vocal but it’s more or less  worth the wait come the emotionally raw bridge.


hozier – nina cried power feat. mavis staples/nfwb/moment’s silence (common tongue)/shrike

on the faith of hoziers first album i booked myself a ticket to see him this december before even listening to his new ep and i am absolutely thrilled by my purchasing decision. cried power is full of soul, nfwmb is quietly rousing, moments silence is a gunslinger sounding anthem and shrike is a musical follow up to his excellent and beautiful cherry wine. i’ll always feel sorry for artists like hozier for finding such widespread success because it always comes with flocks of rolling eyed critics because of that one (rightfully) overplayed song, because this isn’t immediately accessible and won’t be for everyone, but as far as i’m concerned it’s really very good.


l devine – peer pressure

you may or may not have had enough of the kind of edgy bubblegum pop that sigrid has been doing recently, I thought I had but there’s something a little different about peer pressure that’s got me paying attention. I could’ve maybe done with a bigger bridge to turn this into a longstanding hit, but the delivery of this whole song is so simple and calm and i’m into it.


lauren daigle – rescue

i was thinking yesterday about adele’s when we were young and how if it wasn’t from adele you probably wouldn’t have paid much attention, which i mention now because i feel like rescue is in the same calibre of balladry. i like that daigle doesn’t oversing and pummel you with her vocals in the final chorus, it gives it some real authenticity and it’s the first ballad i’ve heard for a while that doesn’t feel like it was written simply to be sung.


matt corby – all fired up

matt corby is so wonderful and i’m seeing him early next year, head and shoulders the best live singer i’ve ever heard. all fired up is a really quiet affair, it’s gentle and pretty and doesn’t actually do an awful lot, but it’s really easy listening and i already stan him so i’ll buy it.


mk, jonas blue + becky hill – back & forth

I really enjoy becky hill’s voice and I could probably put this as a middle position on my running playlist. Standard jonas blue track.


mnek – body

body is nice. It’s not as good or as exciting as tongue, I couldn’t sing you the melody even though it’s just finished, but something about it feels kinda magical. I feel like when I eventually get around to listening to his new album (which i’m told ‘slaps’) i’ll grow to love in context.


nile rogers, chic, craig avid + stefflon don – sober

I don’t know when it clicked in my head but I like craig david’s voice now and this is a real good time. It’s exactly as funky as i’d expect form something helmed by nile rogers and chic, I still don’t love a rap feature as a bridge but it kinds fits here so i’ll allow it. imagine if justin timberlake had released this.


robinson – medicine

robinson already gave me one of the biggest earworms of the year in the form of nothing to regret so i’m scared for my brain and how much it will be singing this because it’s the exact same amount of teen angst with excellent chorus hot damn this is good. chorus key changes and casual swearing i’m such a sucker for i swear to god.


rufus du sol – lost in my mind

a wonderful wall of sound so full from start to end that I felt almost lost in my mind at one point, and when those stranger-things style sounds came I well and truly was.


the score – stronger

i was aware of the score because they had a song called oh my love that featured on an asda advert back in 2015 which was a big summer tune for me, and so i’m very pleased by this stomping imagine-dragons-sounding song from them. i feel powerful after listening to this – the song works. excellent. their album is dropping right on my to-spin list.


seafret – monsters

strong rousing verses that are slightly let down by a very samey chorus, i feel like it could’ve reached somewhere higher than it does but i think the bridge rescues it enough that i wanna give it another try.


shannon purser – sunflower

can i just take a second to appreciate the recent spout of good teen movies: love, simon; to all the boys i’ve loved before; and of course siearra burgess is a big loser. sure, they’re all a little ridiculous and imperfect but i’m predictably 100% in love with noah centino and this was a really pretty moment in the latter of these movies.


sigala, ella eyre, meghan trainor+ french montana – just got paid

this song is so dumb and loud and i wish people who most definitely have money would stop singing about both what it’s like to have no money and also how much money they have but just got paid slaps. it really damn slaps.


silk city, dua lipa, diplo + mark ronson – electricity

here is the dua lipa i like. it’s not trying to be something it’s not, it’s a pure in and out dance track and her vocal doesn’t feel put upon, she’s just singing and it’s not repetitive and i’m into it.


we cut corners – laughing maniacally

i got distracted looking at directions during this for a minute but it really drew me back in with the lyrics. good female-led rock music, it kinda picks a plateau and stays there consistently throughout.



Medicine [Explicit]

Robinson – Medicine


Why So Serious

Alice Merton – Why So Serious

Shake The Spirit

Elle King – Good Thing Gone

week #37 [from friday 14th september]

amy mcdonald – woman of the world

the pop-folk formula at play here definitely works on a very basic level. i was expecting a little bit more from amy mcdonald but woman of the world is inoffensive and it had a nice bridge which i think i would enjoy driving around with the music turned up.


call me loop – cut and run

it’s another very middling pop song from call me loop, i’ve enjoyed all of her recent outings so far to the point that i wouldn’t turn it off but i also wouldn’t specifically put it on. i quite like the chorus here so maybe it’ll stick harder than her past efforts.


ciara – dose

this could be right out the ariana grande songbook, if ariana grande were to take a stab at 4 minutes by justin timberlake and madonna. it’s definitely rousing and does that high school marching band drumming thing that makes it easy to imagine some cheerleaders doing a killer routine at the important high school football game to get everyone psyched up.


clara mae – us

my rule is to always give a song til the chorus because so often that’s what a song is geared to and i almost didn’t get there with this because it took almost a minute of whiny build, but when it delivered it delivered. if you can stand the wait for a big pop chorus then give it a chance.


david guetta, jess glynne + stefflon don – she know how to love

it’s very chaotic and i felt like at every turn the song took a different turn to what i was expecting, kinda like a big mash up of an artists biggest hits rather than a song in its own right, maybe david guetta just took every scrap of a song he had on the cutting room floor and created a big song soup. the result absolutely slaps and i feel energised.


dolly parton + sia – here i am

is this not the most natural sounding duet of all time? dolly parton and sia. incredible. revelatory. it’s a very straightforward country, bluesy ballad that has me thinking of the weight by the band, but when they sing “i can help you find what you’ve been searching for” i felt like i’d already found it. there must must must be a cma/oscars live performance of this in the offing. glorious.


haley reinhart – don’t know how to love you

i wasn’t ready for this. haley reinhart, one of my favourite ever singers, giving me a bluesy-rock song, my favourite genre, and giving it the vocal performance of her life? stop it. i need to lie down. tears are pricking my eyes this is so perfect.


james hype + craig david – no drama

this is pure caribbean club and i can’t will myself to skip it, if i was ever to be on a night out and this song came on it would be such a perfect moment.


lana del rey – mariners apartment complex

lana del rey’s schtick isn’t my favourite, and i don’t have a place for this quietly smiling, melancholy genre anywhere in my regular rotations, but it’s like a softly beautiful david bowie song and there’s definitely room for it somewhere.


lany – thick and thin

i tend to stay way from sad music as a rule, unless it’s uplifting, but i do have a little soft spot for lany’s style and as much as this is killing my good mood, i do think this is lovely.


naya + tom grennan – coming back to you

whatever charm tom grennan’s voice first held for me, it quickly dissipated after spinning his tedious debut album, but i’m forever a sucker for male-female duets, especially the kind where they don’t just take it in turns to sing a verse, and this slightly twee little love song is surprisingly lovely.


pale waves – one more time

another wonderful, standard pale waves song that hits right in that dream-pop-1975 bracket that is perfect for high school dances and blissing out with the volume turned up to 100. if you’ve not listened to pale waves yet, they’re one of the most exciting bands of 2018.


tom aspaul – going down

light and lovely and just a real good time. a perfect song to end on before i take a break to walk the dog. i feel lifted.



Don't Know How To Love You

Haley Reinhart – Don’t Know How to Love You

week #37 [from friday 21st september]

alfreda – thunder

a nice, slightly rousing crypop song. it has a decent build and i feel like it could’ve benefitted from a bigger finale but decent all the same.


allie x – little things

started off fairly pop generic, but there was a couple of lyrics in that kept my interest like the “can’t smile with a double chin” and as it goes along it gets little by litter louder and stronger and it’d probably fit nicely on a muna record.


avril lavigne – head above water

just as kesha had her pheonix moment with praying, avril lavigne is back after her long battle with lyme’s disease the lyric “my voice becomes the driving force” feels very pointed with head above water. sure, the lyrics aren’t groundbreaking, but there’s a lot of passion and for her first outing in five years this is pretty strong.


birds of tokoyo – unbreakable

it may be dripping in cliché lyrics, but its that folk-rock anthemia that comes at the end of a family-friendly drama and sounds like it would be an excellent closer at a birds of tokoyo concert.


crystal fighters – another level

very cheerful, very dancy, very crystal fighters.


hrvy – i wish you were here

i know, i know, it’s some too famous too young kid from london trying to be the next shawn mendes and it’s nothing phenomenal but it’s so stupidly short and catchy and so sue me i liked it.


imagine dragons – zero

another musical gift just for me! I love it when my fav gives me bonus tracks for movie original sound tracks, even if that film is wreck it ralph 2. this is honestly so delightful and dancy and much more like a lot of imagine dragon’s early stuff I’m so in love right now what a treat!


kesha – here comes the change

troubadour kesha is the kesha i never knew i needed but here she is, giving me powerful folk-rock music. i just did a quick google about the film this is for, called “on the basis of sex” and it’s about a groundbreaking case of gender discrimination and yes i am once again standing behind kesha as a political activist, what a musical, spiritual and partisan hero.


lewis capaldi – grace

i love lewis capaldi because he has no right to be so moody and emotional in his music and simultaneously such a real life dork, but he does it so convincingly. another powerful, rousing cry-ballad from one of my favourite scottish singers.


loote – back together

loote has more catchy generic pop songs than they rightfully should, i swear i still get longer than i thought stuck in my head at least once a week, and here is back together serving me another simple earworm that i’m scared to put on my running playlist lest i never get it out of my head. what a winner.


mumford & sons – guiding light

they may face being the butt of a lot of  jokes about music, so much so that liking them feels like some kind of crime, but i’m damned if i care anymore. this is a nice continuation of their third, not so well received, album where they’ve sidelined the banjos in favour of a more coldplay-esque sound (it’s much more like needtobreathe, one of my personal favs) and as much as i was sceptical the first time they did it, it really works for them. it’s just a nice, stirring, well rounded alt-rock song from a band that i am finally determined to see live.


noah cyrus – punches ft lp/good cry

i can’t tell how many of these cry anthems i’ve heard in this current mammoth run of music i’ve been working through, and it bodes well for noah cyrus that i’m still not sick of them come listening to punches. it’s slightly sia-styled, it’s full sounding, has a slow building bridge, a great final chorus, and is the kind of song i’d unashamedly raise my glass for during a concert. good cry bizarelly doesn’t make me want to have a good cry as much as punches, but it’s a nice little doo-wappy, meghan-trainor-but-moody kinda vibe and i’m into it.


noah kahan – false confidence

i was distracted thinking about how much i want to see a star is born and consequently didn’t zone in til about half way through, and from what i gather this is a very of-the-moment, slightly similar to youngblood by 5sos if it was done by 21 pilots song from my newest favourite white guy with guitar, noah kahan.


rita ora – let you love me

that little melody that keeps going on throughout the verse is so rich on good i have to tell you to listen to this on that part alone. do i think it’s as good as your song or anywhere? immediately no, i feel like a lot of people are putting out this exact same song, but i really enjoy the bridge and i really like rita and hey it’s number 2 on the itunes chart so i guess it doesn’t matter that much what i say here does it?


saint claire – enough for you

i’m always drawn to people who collaborate on a track with macklemore (dan caplen, leon bridges, allen stone) and claire is the newest on that list that i feel like i can get behind. yeah, this is a bit too sad for my regular rotations, but it’s the pretty, piano led kind of sad that i can get on board with.


syml – clean eyes

this is just the right level of commercial that I look for in an indie-pop hit. Its pacey, it doesn’t wait around to get to the chorus and I don’t understand the lyrical concept but the words sound good on my ears.


thundamentals – everybody but you

i loved this. i don’t know what it was i loved about it, i just know that i loved it. very easy hip hop.


vance joy – i’m with you (single edit)

i mean sure, i saw this song back in march, but this is a single edit which means some little little tweaks to pull it from album territory to standalone capacity. it pretty much just sounds the same except there are more instruments or something, and i’d forgotten how good it was until it came on just now, so what a nice reason to revisit it.



Zero (From the Original Motion Picture "Ralph Breaks The Internet")

Imagine Dragons – Zero

week #39 [from Friday 28th September]

arlissa – we won’t move

give it to the chorus – the first bit is very self-indulgent crooning, but after 80(!!) seconds it gets going and becomes a very gospel influenced protest song that just keeps growing until a big, emotional, vocally empowered finale.


cher – waterloo

there is an entire ten track album of cher singing the hits of abba out and why are you still reading this go go go! waterloo slapped back when it came out (i’m told) and it slaps now. what a tune.


cyrus – blah

cyrus took an a “how many clichés can i fit in a song” challenge, or so it seems. it’s the kind of things i’d expect from 21 pilots or milky chance. i feel like i could enjoy this in the right mood.


david keenan – james dean

people fling the word poetry at songs all the time and i almost never agree, and yet here i am about to tell you that this song is pure lyrical poetry. melancholy acoustic irish folk storytelling, keenan’s delivery is killer, and i feel like a need a neat whisky.


dusky grey – one night

think ciao adios but with a less imposing vocal. like latin-pop meets eurovision.


eves karydas – wildest ones

dreamy and idyllic, great background music.


jess glynne – 123

another cheerful jess glynne song, not as punchy as her others on this album campaign but it’s definitely play-when-your-driving-on-a-sunny-day vibes.


oh pep! – hurt nobody

you could definitely tell that this song was building to something, it’s beautiful and understated and it teases you the whole way through, a nice kind of frustration in the face of their being no real climax, like a softer song on t-swift’s 1989.



sigala + hrvy + nina nesbitt – somebody

cheerful, feel good sigala-style edm. easily forgettable but just as easily listenable.


st vincent – slow slow disco

a nice stripped back piano version of her slow disco. i feel like she’s getting in there before some acoustic cover specialist rides onto the x factor or the like and claims ownership of this beautiful ballad. just as great at fast slow disco. hoping for incredibly slow disco and super fast slow disco in the near future.



Dancing Queen

Cher – Waterloo

week #40 [from friday 5th october]

anderson .paak + kendrick lamar – tints

light and delightful what a friday morning treat. got me dancing.


ariana and the rose – lonely star

i imagine that this song emulates musically what it feels like to be sexy dancing with someone in zero gravity. completely soaring.



balcony + liv dawson – you’re so cool

late night swimming pool make out session music. i’m still struggling to get around someone stage naming themselves balcony. if the song was a person you’re so cool is the first thing you’d think about them.


charli xcx + troye sivan – 1999

charli and troye fans are so dedicated, I’m sure there’s a venn diagram with an overlap of people who have just died for this collab. I feel like as I get older the ‘good’ years being cited in popular music are getting dangerously closer to the 2000s (and that’s not even thinking about anne marie). 1999 is a basic dancy little song that I doubt I’ll listen to again but it’s inarguably pleasant.



elle king – little bit of lovin’

i really didn’t expect elle king to become one of my favourite artists of 2018 and yet here we are, i’m in love. it’s old school bluesy soul, it’s upbeat rock, her voice is full of a raw raspiness that i can’t get enough of, and hell it’s kinda cheesy. i’d usually decry a song at coming in 6 and a half minutes long but given when this album comes out i’ll be too obsessed to notice. excellent.


fickle friends – the moment

the lyrics are just so good god damn, an anthem for casual dating. “why you gotta gotta be/so deep into philosophy/when i’m livin in the moment/i just wanna be in the moment/why you gotta gotta be so bad for you and wrong for me” and that’s just the chorus. a song of frustration about trying to have fun. big mood. great tune.


flecks – samurai

sometimes lyrics are just superfluous, aren’t they? i was enjoying the instrumental so much and feeling transported into some purple and green dreamscape that the words felt muffled and nondistinct and if you told me it was all just nonsense words i’d believe you because like, who cares when the music is so rounded? a big deep autumn breath of a song.


fours – even in my dreams

i a d o r e fours’ vocalist, it’s as if p!nk and halsey had a voice baby and it’s so rich and naturally heartbreaking and applied to this synth-pop-rock kinda thing i’m just crying right here and there and even in my dreams (not really but you… know?!?!)


fuzzy sun – eve

the wonderful thing about these ten a penny indie-synth bands is that you know they’re doing it for the love of it, they just want to get on stage and transport you for as long as you’ll let them. eve is very much of the genre fodder but it gave me nice feelings so i’ll stick it in this edition’s enormous spin pile.


jc stewart – like i did

this is exactly the kind of moody, faux-heavy, slightly uplifting pop-rock i live for in the overpowering teenage quadrant of my brain. sign me up for one pass to the jc stewart fan club.


jessie ware – overtime

jessie ware is definitely the coolest person to have a hit song co-penned by ed sheeran, like, would you believe that listening to this? he doesn’t deserve to be part of her narrative. i’m going to hold off on my thoughts about this and whatever ware is giving us next because i have to be in the right mood which i know i’m not, but this is a little funky and i see myself getting really into it when the album drops.


lany – if you see her

are you suffering from a break up, having a bad day, just feeling generally sad and wantingto indulge in your feelings? then boy do i have an album for you! i dunno what it is about them that makes me want to cry and dance at the same time, if I see her is their album nmf day of release cut, and that album has gone right on my to spin list.


lily moore – i know i wanna be with you

having seen lily moore twice in one week as a support act i feel the need to stan her, because as generic and slightly whiny as she is, i like the amy-winehouse-but-lighter way she does things. it’s not a groundbreaking but it’s easy listening.


the lone bellow – restless

well made folk music is my favourite escapist drug, the harmonies here are gorgeous, the whole thing is so understated and gentle and good.


nick talos – home to you

this is a song by milky chance that has been uploaded by someone called nick talos. not really, but, i mean, i like it, just, get your own style dude, yeesh.


papa roach – who do you trust?

oh boy, after so much synth-pop and edm and all that kinda thing being hit over the head by this shouty rock-hip-hop song feels like… being hit over the head. desperately woke me up, and also, who do i trust?!


the regrettes – california friends

as a seasonally freckled person so many positive freckle compliments in such a short space of time over a fast drumline how could i reject it? no i like the freckles on your face, the regrettes. this is a good time



sigrid – sucker punch

i love how sigrid has a little sticker on all her album artworks, its so cute. i like that this is a slightly different angle for her, it seems smart because i think her songs were all getting a bit bubblegum pop samey, and this is a reminder that she is a pop force to be reckoned with if you, like me, had overlooked her for a while. that bridge is so rich and good.



tom odell – you’re gonna break my heart tonight

i skipped through this a little because in my head i’m like “i’ve only got four songs left to listen to and i’m done ok i don’t have time for this tom goddamn!” but then i got a glimpse of the second half and i had to reset. what a good build. i’ve been really bored by tom odell this album push but he’s finally giving me something to almost get my teeth into. the final 90 seconds are self indulgent and ridiculous and good.


vistas – headspace

ugh i’m out of words ok, this was great, i loved it, my headphones couldn’t go loud enough, a nice finale for this torturous task.



The Moment

Fickle Friends – The Moment

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